Blade 4 * R5 or 5 * R3 Massacre?

AndTavAndTav Posts: 261
Guys, what do you suggest? After more than a year of waiting, at last I have him, Blade. Only I have the resources to choose between one of them, I've already been told about the Massacre very well. The synergies of both are good, for the Masacre I have the synergy with Deredevil Netflix 5 *, for Blade, I have GR and Mephisto 4 *. I put my generic gem on the Blade, I just have no stone to put.

Blade 4 * R5 or 5 * R3 Massacre? 19 votes

Blade 4 * R5 (Duped lvl.1)
ScholiaJayCeeZombieZeddFhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaVinvickThekiller8967Slimeball 8 votes
Massacre 5 * R3 (Unduped)
Spity68JoeCool23TerraSpiderCoolsDkutctghLaVarBBBBattle_GreninjaXxLoganTDCxXDadder_345popsgp87MoNsTeR_804 11 votes


  • AndTavAndTav Posts: 261
    He could have come before the Masacre, but no problem, I do not regret having put up the R3 Masacre.
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,960 ★★★★
    Congrats 👍
  • VinvickVinvick Posts: 117
    Blade 4 * R5 (Duped lvl.1)
    I would still up Blade. Saves lot of units. Put all future stones on him. Duped 4* blade is better than unduped one. My 4* duped at R5. 5* unduped at R1.
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