Champion Improvement Suggestions [edited by Mod for clarity]



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    GhostWriterGhostWriter Posts: 9
    Buff Falcon please !!! I have duped that useless guy twice. He can be better than that.
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    Hulk definitely needs to be upgraded. He isn’t as weak as they make him in the movies. He has always been a disappointment & his revision awhile ago didn’t give him the justice he deserves.
    He needs powers be has in comics such as:
    - Revive
    - Bleed resistance since he heals quick, also include this to Wolverine & Deadpool.

    Iron Fist, Capt America, Phoenix also.
    *Ant man too, make him become Giant man at times!

    Any Iron Man suits I would assume regen like the original (War Machine, HulkBuster, Civil Warrior, etc)

    Also I agree with all the people they listed BUT 1st fix the better characters.

    LAST I would love to see a way where as each champion takes damage their appearance would change to reflect their health meter.
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    DonJenkoPacinoDonJenkoPacino Posts: 54
    Buff Phoenix please...

    Buff Magneto and other REALLY GODTIER champ...

    Idk why they are so bad...

    In comics they are so incredible....

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    QuigonnQuigonn Posts: 12
    Why does Ghost Rider take incinerate damage? Shouldn't he be immune to fire?
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    gadgetfanaticgadgetfanatic Posts: 326
    in relation to the upcoming champ updates...

    1 - Colossus
    2 - Groot
    3 - OML

    My suggested changes...

    Colossus : tank that can perform high damage specials if he has enough armor.
    Simply...stacking armor...at certain number of stacks of armor...he activates defensive abilities. when he uses his specials he consumes a number of armor for additional offensive effects or damage.

    Groot : highly defensive with utility. can deal spike damage when awakened.
    1) berserk change - make his buffs when he goes berserk longer in duration. can be weak in effect.
    2) activate defensive / healing abilities on all his specials that has its effectiveness attached to the number of pacifism charges at special activation.
    3) sig change - either you add this to his sig or replace it with this. if he has offensive buffs on him when he uses his specials, he can also activate additional offensive effects. (this can have an interesting effect with heimdall-angela/hela)

    OML : offensive character but requires some set up.
    1) berserk change - buffs when he goes berserk should have the buffs instantly in effect. the buffs should be stronger in effect.
    2) pacifism change - he gains charges for every special thrown at him. max 3. he goes berserk on the fourth special thrown at him. (let us remove the RNG in activating his berserk)
    3) sig change - if he is able to use specials within 1-3 secs after being berserk, he activates highly offensive abilities depending on the special. (special 1 - activates a precision buff or his attacks are guaranteed critical hits for his special and for the next 5-10 seconds. special 2 - pops his claws for the special and the next 10-20 seconds. with x% to bleed on crits. special 3 - extends the time he is berserk or you can suggest something better.)
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    JakeLockleyJakeLockley Posts: 24
    I'm not sure if Kabam can give attention to Moon Knight for now, but I would love to see some changes to make him more comic accurate.

    Full Moon: He is really strong among the street heroes and sometimes doesn't evade attacks (Taskmaster know pretty well), in the game it could be represented with Unstoppable and Indestructible while his opponent is using some special attack (the opposite to the Unstoppable of Juggernaut)

    Waning: When his strength is going down, he use to receive Khonshu's blessing and it would give MK better bleeding skills against the opponent, and when the opponent parry some MK attack, the opponent should bleed (the opposite to Blade's parry)

    New Moon: He should evade (as Ant-Man) and dodge unblockable attacks (special or not) when not defending.

    Crescent: His strength getting back should give better Fury skills.

    Also, he should have resurrection, since he was brought back to life more than once by Khonshu.

    I'm not sure if it is well explained (English isn't my mother language), but that's it, he should be one of the strongest among the skilled, but he is kinda weak in this game.
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    raffster said:

    Some suggestions on how to improve the following totally worthless champs in the 6* pool

    Antman - make SP1/SP2 have an 70% chance to stun for 3 seconds, SP3 100% chance to stun for 4 seconds
    Blackbolt - make 80% chance to stun 90%
    Cyclops - make all specials have residual incinerate damage (similar to Mephisto's SP1)
    Daredevil (og) - make all special attacks have armor break (similar to Iron Fist)
    Hulkbuster - increase health by 20%, start the attack with an armor similar to Killmonger's Vibramium armor
    Iron Fist - increase 55% chance armor break to 90%
    Juggernaut - change heavy attack stagger to stun, increase 11% chance to gain fury buff to 30%
    Karnak - make True Strike last until he gets hit
    Loki - make him cold/coldsnap immune, add to his SP2 reduce enemy power by one bar
    Magneto - increase passive metal wielding enemies accuracy reduction to 70%
    Phoenix - Double the incinerate damage from 42.6 to 85+ over 10 seconds instead of 6.
    Psylocke - SP1 removes 1.5 bars of power instead of 1
    Rhino - Increase base health by 20%, every 5 combo gain attack increase similar to Star Lord's special (cap at 300)
    Rocket - make SP1 unblockable
    Thor (JF) - make chance to stun from 21% to 40%
    Storm - Increase special attacks chance to stun from 60% to 80%, make her shock resistant (won't take much damage from attack the likes of Electro)

    Please do something about these champs in the 6* pool that's just useful in arena.

    I would like to add some stuff:

    - Storm: energy resistance and prowress, similar to Bishop, but instead of healing, she would gain power and will be able to deal extra damage with her specials.
    - Unstoppable Colossus: whenever he charges with a medium, he'll gain a passive unstoppable (similar to Gulk's smash). Chance to get fury increased from 11% to 30% and stack up to 3. Armor can also stack up to 3 and increase special attacks' damage
    - Iron Fist: can also nullify any buffs with specials (one debuff per hit, any debuff). Heavies and specials also apply desorientation, reducing ability acurracy by 50% for "x" amount of time.
    - Wolverine, Deadpool, Goldpool, X-23: damage over time resistance.
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    Name of the Champion you would like to be changed


    Which features or abilities about them don't you like at the moment and why

    Ah Groot, another meme champion. I had the unfortunate event of getting him as a 5*. So I took a closer look at his abilities. While they aren't as bad as I expected, the issues of him are obvious.

    For starters, there is no offensive way to gain pacifism charges. You either need to get hit by a crit or bait a special. That's great with al these guaranteed crit champions like Ghost or Corvus Glaive, but bad for the 99% of the other champions.

    Once you get pacifism charges, there is nothing that's paying off your hard work if he doesn't snap. Those charges are just sitting there.

    The SP1 is so easy to evade and the SP2 is one of those unblockable laughing stocks.

    The only two positive things are his regen on his SP2, the bleed immunity and the faster recovery of debuffs.

    How exactly would you change them and why would you make the said changes, try to be specific

    Gain pacifism charges when he crits and when he performs a special attack. For this to work, he needs a crit rating boost, at least be on par with Crossbones. Double the amount of charges gained from guaranteed crits. This should make him a more pain in the ass for Ghost and Corvus Glaive.

    Pacifism charges have an enticing effect, each increasing chance to bait specials by 15% and lowering special attack damage by 15%. Currently, if Groot is incapable to trigger buffs (because of Mephisto's soul imprisonment or a fate seal), he keeps on building up pacifism charges. This would be OP as he would be able to lower special attack damage to zero quite easily. Instead, decouple the consummation of pacifism charges and the gaining of buffs. So when he's fate sealed, he can still snap and consume pacifism charges, but those do not result into buffs.

    When he snaps and converts his pacifism charges into fury and cruelty buffs, he refreshes all active fury and cruelty buffs. This allows for a continuous build-up of fury and cruelty buffs.

    Groot's physiology renders him both blood immune and reduces the duration of other debuffs by 55%, as today. I would add poison immunity on top of that (biohazard nodes!), as according to the comics his regenerative cells makes him immune to poison (the only time he got poisoned when he was bitten by some oversized cat on an ice planet who's venom interfered with his regenerative cells). As he can twist and bend his body as he wants, the chance to evade his attacks is passively lowered by 40%.

    Give the SP1 a passive True Strike effect (not just armor piercing) and the last hit has increased critical rating and a 85% chance to inflict bleed, dealing 85% of the attack rating as direct damage over 3 seconds (same as current SP3). This way, you can reliably gain two pacifism charges from the sp1 and don't need to depend on crits from regular attacks, also speeding up the chance to trigger fury & cruelty buffs.

    The first hit of the SP2 and the second medium hit are feet stomps. These have a dazing effect and earthquakes, dealing 15% of the damage dealt as direct damage per pacifism charge. For the second medium hit, this passively reduces defensive ability accuracy by 100% for that hit. For the SP2, a daze debuff is inflicted, reducing defensive ability accuracy by 70% for 20 seconds. This has great utility: spiked thorns, disabling IMIW armor passives or Magik's Limbo (if timed correctly), disable arc overload,...

    The SP3 has a 100% chance to inflict the same bleed as currently, but on top of that inflicts a daze debuff that reduces defensive ability accuracy by 100% for 20 seconds. Also, he is guaranteed to snap at a cost of three pacifism charges.

    The sig ability still gives two pacifism charges at the beginning of the fight. Instead of a chance to gain physical resistance buffs for each fury effect activated, the physical resistance is passively gained per pacifism charge. The effectiveness of physical resistance is increased by 33.33% for critical hits. Instead, when he snaps he has a chance to gain a prowess buff per fury buff, increasing special attack damage by 15%. This way he gets both offensive and defensive utility when he is awakened.

    Groot can use three new unique synergies.

    The first one I call Guardian of the Guardians with all Guardians of the Galaxy champions. Once per quest and champion, if a Guardian of the Galaxy (incl. Groot himself) would be KO'ed, they instead survive and become indestructible and unstoppable for two seconds. This synergy does not stack with Heimdall's synergy.

    The second is Inseparable Companions with Rocket Raccoon. Both Groot and Rocket Raccoon have their special attack damage increased (as today) but each get an unique effect. For Groot, if he would be KO'ed he instead heals 15% health. This regeneration cannot be stopped by ability accuracy reduction, by heal reversal or heal block. Rocket Raccoon gains a tech-upgrade of the grenade toss of the SP2 based on his shield system. With Kinetic Shield active, the bleed duration and potency is increased by 15%. With Shell Shield active, the armor break duration and potency is increased by 15%. With Emergency Shield active, the special attack damage is increased by 15%.

    The third is Stormbreaker with Thor and Thor (Ragnarok). Groot gains a flat +15% bleed potency and duration. For Thor and Thor (Ragnarok), an energy-based DoT effect triggers a passive power gain of 7% per second, double the amount for shock DoT effects.

    This should make Groot a character nice to play offensively or to put defensively in AW.


    Do you like this champion improvement? Then also check out my others:

    Iron Man (Infinity War)
    Red Hulk
    Ronan the Accuser
    Green Goblin
    Civil Warrior

    Feedback is always welcome!
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    edited May 2019

    Who: Hawkeye

    Why?: Hawkeye is pretty underrated as of now and is only in need of a few changes, buffs and additions to be better and more appreciated

    Passive: Hardened Accuracy

    Arrow attacks cannot trigger Auto Block and have a 20% chance to ignore evasion

    Passive: Trick Arrows

    Dash Back and Hold Block for 1 second to reload with a trick arrow or to arm another trick arrow of the same type, Max: 4

    Also, after firing an/all armed arrow(s) (Heavy, SP1, SP2, SP3) there's a 40% to reload with a trick arrow

    Thermal Arrow: Inflicts a incineration debuff on the opponent dealing 30% of your damage as energy damage, removing perfect block chance and reducing Block Proficiency by 50% over 5 seconds, the incinerate damage is increased by 20% if it's a critical hit

    Sonic Arrow: Disorients the opponent, reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 30% for 5 seconds, if the attack is critical it also inflicts a concussion on the opponent, reducing their general ability accuracy by 50% over 5 seconds

    Shock Arrow: Drain 30% of their max power and inflict a shock debuff on the opponent dealing 30% of your damage as energy damage over 5 seconds, if the attack is critical it paralyses the opponent for 2 seconds, stunning them and reducing their health and power gains by 60%

    Explosive Arrow Inflicts an Armour Break on the opponent reducing their armour by 70% and consuming one Armour Up buff if one is active. If the attack is critical, the opponent bleeds, dealing 50% of your damage as direct damage over 7 seconds

    Heavy Attacks: Triggers trick arrows but doesn't apply the effects
    *Visual: Hawkeye kicks his opponent and fires an arrow diagonally downwards, targeting the knee*

    Special 1: Trick Shot
    Get the opponent in a good position and show off
    *Visual: Hawkeye uppercuts the opponent, then does a sweep kick to leg, does a backflip and fires an arrow (4 hits)*

    Special 2: Mid-Air Lucky Shots
    Get the opponent suspended and show off by firing two hard to hit shots
    *Visual: Hawkeye strikes the opponent with his bow twice, then kicks the opponent into the air and firing two arrows at them*

    Special 3: The Marksman's Perpetual Precision
    You may think he missed, but that's what he wants you to think
    *Visual: Hawkeye readies two arrows and fires them both at the opponent, however he "misses", one arrow gets stuck to the wall while the other ricochets away. The opponent laughs and starts taunting the Hawkeye. The arrow in the wall then detonates, blowing the opponent forward, then the other arrow ricochets towards the opponent and then Hawkeye does a backflip and fires an explosive arrow to be hit by the rogue arrow, which creates a massive explosion* *yeah I know it's a mouthfull*

    Signature Ability: Hemorrhage

    Hawkeye's aim targets the weak points and the high damage points causing a Hemorrhage

    When using an arrow attack, that attack has a 25% (Max 40%) chance to cause a hemorrhage, inflicting a bleed that does 60% (Max 80%) of your attack as direct damage over 20 seconds. If a trick arrow was armed, the duration of the debuffs inflicted by the trick arrow doubles and the side effects and damage increase by 15% (Max 35%)


    Dark Reflections
    Unique Synergy with Ronin

    Ronin: Whenever Ronin gets one Cruelty, he has 30% chance to gain another
    Hawkeye: The maximum amount of trick arrows raises to 5

    More Than Just Friends
    Unique Synergy with Black Widow

    Black Widow: Whenever Black Widow triggers a Special 3, inflict a Shock Debuff on the opponent dealing 60% of your damage as energy damage
    Hawkeye: Trick Arrows are 10% more likely to trigger a critical hit

    Unlikely Allies
    Unique Synergy with Ant-Man

    Ant-Man: Special 1 and 3 inflict an armour break on the opponent, lowering their armour by 30% for 5 seconds
    Hawkeye: Hemorrhages are 10% more likely to trigger

    A Worthy Leader
    Unique Synergy with Captain America (Classic/WWII and IW)

    Captain America (Classic): Landing a Perfect Block inflicts an Armour Break on the opponent reducing their armour by 60%
    Captain America (IW): The chance to glance an attack is raised by 15%
    Hawkeye: Arrow attacks have an additional 20% to ignore evasion

    Feedback is always welcome


    I love your idea of trick arrows! That's exactly what Hawkeye needs. I do not think he should be restricted by his amount of arrows, that suggestion will just break the rework. It is not something other champions have to worry about. I think a system like Winter Soldier would be best: dash back and block to rotate between trick arrows, special attacks automatically rotate to the next arrow.

    I do think you're being modest: just make arrow attacks True Accuracy, ignoring auto-block and evade.

    Thermal Arrow: I think 30% as direct damage is very low. It would be a severe nerf compared to the current SP1 bleed (which is like 80%) (even taking the sig into account, +35% of 30% is just to 40.5%, practically nothing extra). I would keep the current amount of DoT damage. Of all four, that's the weakest effect with little utility, if I would use him offensively, I would never use that effect. When it is critical, I would add a power burn passive effect to the incineration, something that would burns a small amount (6% or something) with every strike. Then you can choose between the shock arrow that drains power immediately or the thermal arrow that burns power when hit.

    Shock arrow: the correct term is petrify instead of paralyse, but that's just a detail. Same comment about shock damage.

    Sonic arrow: five seconds and 30% reduction is really not that long. Nick Fury's disorient lasts 8 seconds and lowers by 70%, with the concussion he would only be 10% more potent than Nick Fury's. Hawkeye's should last at least as good. I would buff the disorient to 50% and the same 8 seconds and same thing for the concussion.

    Explosive arrow: Armor break doesn't reduce armor by a percentage for many years now, do you've a better estimate how much exactly the armor rating should be decreased? I think 1000ish would be good enough. Same comment about bleed.

    I would be careful: animations are often not reworked, unless absolutely necessary (such as Spider-Gwen's SP1). Would your suggestion still work if no animations are changed? Both the SP1 and the SP2 have one arrow hit. What would differentiate between them? I would have SP2 have the effect of trick arrow of that is active and add a second effect that is chosen randomly of all other arrows.

    You gave a really detailed description of the animations of the SP3, but not what it would do as effect. I would like to have it activate all four trick arrow effects simultaneously. As SP3 can't crit, it would only be base effects so I don't think it would be OP.

    I like your signature suggestion!

    I like most of your synergies.

    The synergy of Ronin: Hawkeye could have a 10% chance to trigger a precision buff, increasing critical hit rating.
    The synergy with Captain America: Hawkeye's arrow attacks could be True Strike instead of True Accuracy.

    Overall, a very nice rework!
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    RawwRaww Posts: 1
    Why does iceman take damage from coldsnap.

    Shouldn't he be immune?
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    Bajan_SamuraiBajan_Samurai Posts: 107
    edited May 2019
    In a lot of cases the old champs just need a mechanism to do greater damage. For the few that make good defenders, and so we don't just keep rehashing some way to make X champ hit harder or cause more damage over time with their debuff, defensive abilities would be tweaked instead of offensive ones. Sometimes this should come as part of a complete base update, other times as part of a unique synergy when a new champ is added (the latter preserves the business side of wanting people to seek out the new champs).

    With new champs bringing unique synergies that could make the old champ better, a few opportunities have been heavily overlooked, so here are some suggestions that sweep multiple champs at once:
    1. The director of SHIELD was introduced and SHIELD agents that needed a little extra love have no worthwhile synergies with him. Hawkeye needed some arrow variety (shock, incinerate, sonics, poison, and paralytics are all good options to consider, all of which do not require animations to be reworked, I even have ideas for Magnet, Slip and Glue arrows that could be worked in), and Black Widow could get more bite in her tasers (shock and ability reduction due to counter intelligence from Fury) and a chance at Power Sting; Quake could just get some extra melee damage to her basic hits if the opponent is suffering at least 2 tremor effects (and is not stunned; if we want to make it fairer) - this could be a Unique Synergy that requires at least Fury and 2 of these 3 agents, while Fury benefits by retaining 45% health instead of 30% after he degenerates on the first knock out.
    2. The way to address this is by introducing [at least] a 5th notable SHIELD agent that then carries the synergy with these 4 (Nick, Clint, Nat and Daisy) - since 3 of the current 4 are Skill champs and one is Science, it would round out the diversity of an all-SHIELD team by adding a Mystic, Cosmic, Tech or Mutant SHIELD member instead of just another Skill champ, although Mockingbird or Sharon Carter (Agent 13) would be acceptable additions; in the Tech category, Deathlok or Jim Hammond (the android original Human Torch) would be top of my list; in the Mystic category, Werewolf by Night would be my preference so that he could also bring notable synergies to Moonknight, Ghost Rider or Dr. Strange
    3. Captain Marvel came and gave a buff to the previous Marvel lasses but they did come across a bit underwhelming. CM (classic) and/or the original MM (Danvers) have a useful unblockable Sp1 now, but try this one on for size: "When CM's power bar is between Sp1 and 2 her energy absorption is optimized, allowing her to block otherwise unblockable energy attacks directed at her, well-timed blocks of energy attacks if Carol is already at Sp3 will feed her passive Binary Charges - 3 such charges would ignite her Binary mode giving her an augmented fury for it's duration. In Binary mode Carol's melee attacks each deliver +75% physical and +125% energy damage although each hit costs her the amount of power she would have gained in regular mode. When she drains herself to Sp1 level, Binary mode is disabled and she resumes gaining power normally. Admittedly, this one should be a complete rework instead of a Unique Synergy; then a Synergy should allow her a 3 second window to gain a Binary Charge if she performs a well timed block of an energy attack after crossing a power bar (i.e. 3 second window when she reaches Sp1 or Sp2)
    4. (This one applies to Blade who is already great and not an 'old' champ necessarily, but it still applies) They've introduced Ronin and there's no synergy with Blade who was another user of the Ronin persona (understandably this may not be common knowledge) but maybe something that extends Blade's danger sense to Mercs? (Better yet, applies Danger Sense to those obvious villains who avoid it by not having the #Villain attribute in their list like some Black Order ones, Symbiote Supreme and a couple others) - I recommend introducing Echo (who originated as a Daredevil character) and let one of her Synergies be with Hawkeye and Blade called 'RONINS' to connect that thread.
    Quigonn said:

    Why does Ghost Rider take incinerate damage? Shouldn't he be immune to fire?

    I agree he should, but I guess incinerate wasn't a major thing back then and they were being skimpy with double immunity. Now that there are so many other debuffs in play I agree some older Champs that should be immune (or at least resistant to some of the various effects) should be revised.

    Granted, I would counter my own thoughts on that by thinking of it differently.
    • Fire and Hellfire are different as the latter is a spiritual torment
    • Marvel-proper has gone back and forth depicting his flames as actual fire I think (more recently though, it has acted like straight up fire)
    • Hellspawn are probably meant to be tortured by fire, so instead of being Immune we make him Resistant so it does 50% less damage, lasts 25% shorter and infuriates him, raising his attack rating by 10% for 3 seconds
    If it being actual fire comes into play though, I think aside from being immune or resistant to fire based abilities, update Ghost Rider's synergies to tie into the Fantastic Four to hint at the time he was recruited by [a Skrull impostor of] Sue Storm. It could be a synergy in Sue's list that gives GR, Wolvie, Joe Fixit and Spider-Man an FF buff if at least 2 of them are present with Sue.
    1. GR - every 4th judgement placed, the next special or heavy incinerates the opponent (consistent with using a flaming chain in those animations); this incineration ability lasts as long as the regular judgement effect would have and disables when the 5th, 9th, 13th, etc. judgement is placed
    2. Wolverine - every 4th regen triggers an unstoppable buff for 4 seconds
    3. Joe Fixit - Gain all 4 suits for 4 seconds every 4 heavy attacks (note I am using Joe instead of OG Hulk because he was gray at the time)
    4. Spider-Man - every 4 auto and/or dexterity evades taunt opponents to release Sp1 or 2 and miss Spidey completely boosting his attack rating by 25% for 4 seconds
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    Alfa_PigeonAlfa_Pigeon Posts: 273 ★★
    falcon, Netflix daredevil...those 2 have nothing going for them. weak, no sustainability, immunities...just horrible
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    Hanigan53Hanigan53 Posts: 11

    Spider-Man Miles Morales


    I really like miles but he is so weak in the game and he has barely any of his abilities.

    base stats 4 star tier 5 level 50 sig 99

    Max PI=4,018

    his block proficiency and crit chance should be increased



    All of miles medium attacks do no contact damage (due to his energy/electricity powers)

    Miles spider sense is active so he has a 35% chance to evade an attack except if its a parry(it was really annoying when you tried to parry the opponent but miles evaded the parry)
    If Miles evades an attack he gains an indestructible buff for 0.75 seconds (i added this ability so if you're blocking and miles suddenly evades you have a chance to react)

    If Miles evades, or parries the opponent he has a 70% chance to gain an energy charge passive (max 8)
    When Miles gets 5 energy charges he goes into energy mode for 16 seconds, to activate it you have to parry the opponent. All of miles attack deal energy damage and have a 30% chance to shock the opponent dealing 670 shock damage for 6 seconds after the shock debuff expires it does burst damage of 455. While miles is in energy mode his medium attacks cannot be parried or evaded.

    special attacks

    I think the special one should be reanimated and this is how I imagined it- miles shoots a web at the opponent and then runs at him hitting him with 2 energy punches.

    the web has a 45% chance to give the opponent weakness for 7 seconds and give the opponent the venom strike debuff paralyzing the opponent for 2.5 seconds (this works like stun ) and has a 60% chance to shock the opponent for 5 seconds dealing 1,254 shock damage.
    the punches do energy damage.

    This special should not change except at the end of it miles should turn invisible for 10 seconds and have a 45% chance to evade the attack and give the opponent a shock debuff for 3 seconds dealing 453 damage (this is similar to wasp)

    the animation is good but i think at the end punch miles should shoot a web at the opponent.

    this special gives the opponent the venom strike paralyzing the opponent for 4 seconds and giving him/her a shock debuff for 9 seconds dealing 2,564 shock damage and after the debuff expires it deals 1520 energy damage.
    Miles consumes all of his energy charges to make the shock stronger by enhancing the shock by 25% for each energy charge.


    Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Electro & Venom

    kingpin-black iso does double damage
    doc oc- all heal blocks are a second longer
    electro- shock damage is increased by 45%
    venom- bleeds duration is increased by 20%
    Miles Morales-the evade chance is increased by 5%

    Spider-Gwen & Spider-Man Classic

    Spider-Gwen- the max spider sense charges is now 6 not 5
    Spider-Man-weakness buffs are 25% stronger
    Miles Morales-he has a 100% chance to crit on all hits in sp1

    Hood, Ghost & Invisible Woman (coming in the future)

    Hood-Shock can stack
    Ghost- the phase recharges 0.5 seconds quicker
    Invisible Woman- ???
    Miles-invisibility on sp2 lasts a second longer

    any feedback is welcome!

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    Hanigan53Hanigan53 Posts: 11



    Falcon is a terrible champion that is weak and deserves a big buff that will make him god tier

    Stats 4 star rank 5 level 50 sig 99




    WEAKNESS SCAN-Falcon scans the opponent by dashing back and holding block for 1 second and finds the opponents weaknesses:
    if the opponent can be bled all of falcons bullets that hit the opponent have a 25% chance to inflict bleed dealing 675 direct damage over 3 seconds.
    If the opponent can be incinerated then all of his rockets inflict incinerate on the opponent dealing 1,324 incinerate damage over 3 seconds
    If the opponent can't be incinerated or bled then the opponent gets armour break for 10 seconds.
    After this ability is activity is activated it can be nullified or removed, the only way it disappears is if falcon gets hit by a special 1, 2 or 3.

    FOCUS-If the opponent auto blocks, evades (not dexterity) or parries falcons goggles become focused on the opponent reducing their ability accuracy by 35% until falcon gets hit with a heavy attack. If Falcon loses his focus in the first 5 seconds it was activated, keep the focus and stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds.

    REDWING-Falcon is telepathically connected to redwing so whenever falcon is about to get knocked out redwing will shoot the opponent and stun him/her for 3 seconds. The animation might look like this- the opponent is about to land the last hit but redwing flies in hits the opponent knocking him/her back, then redwing shots about 6 bullets at the opponent inflicting bleed dealing 1,654 over 6 seconds, then redwing shoots a rocket at the opponent stunning him/her for 3 seconds. After that happens redwing flies away but giving falcon a bandage. (to use a bandage you have to do a 4 combo. If Falcon uses the bandage he starts regenerating 15% of his health over 3 seconds. This ability can only be used once a fight.

    ARMOUR-Falcons armour gives him 30% physical resistance and 20% energy resistance, also falcon gains an armour up buff every time he launches a special attack ( max 3). The only way to get rid of the armour up buff is to hit falcon with a dash attack.

    Special Attacks

    SP1-It should be reanimated (i think at least). This is his new sp1-Falcon launches redwing at the opponent the falcon jumps in hitting the opponent with a 3 hit combo.
    this special has an 80% chance to inflict armour break seconds (for each hit).
    After the special ends, Falcon has a 20% chance to get a bandage. (the effect is the same as in the redwing passive).

    SP2-this should get reanimated as well-Falcon flies into the opponent and shoots 11 bullets at the opponent, seven of them actually hitting him/her.. (kinda like the old sp1)
    Falcon has a 95% chance to inflict concussion to the opponent for 12 seconds.
    The bullets have 55% chance to inflict bleed for 5 seconds dealing 476 for each bleed.

    SP3-stuns the opponent for 2 seconds
    gives the opponent weakness for 8 seconds
    bleeds the opponent for 8 seconds dealing 1,435 bleed damage
    gives Falcon fury increasing his attack by 50% for 10 seconds
    falcon has a 65% chance to gain true strike for 21 seconds

    Signature ability

    If the opponent can be poisoned Falcon has a 18% chance to inflict poison (bullets & rockets) dealing 354 over 4 seconds


    Captain America (all versions)

    cap- +8% crit chance
    Falcon- the poison chance percentage is increased to 20%

    Any feedback is welcome
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    Tyler08Tyler08 Posts: 3
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    MouseNostaMouseNosta Posts: 13
    i think that Unstoppable Colossus should get a revamp. i know Colossus is one of the current Champs that could be changed, but w/ Unstoppable, he's got the same moves as regular Colossus. only difference about him is he's got the Juggernaught helm. what i think should've been done w/ him, is make his body bigger, somewhat like Juggernaught's, but still have the same look as Colossus. and give him completely different abilities than Colossus and Juggernaught. i can't think of all of them, but for SP3, the magick of the helmet overtakes Colossus and his eyes turn red, and he roars, rushing at you, and throwing you around like a ragdoll(like Hulk did w/ Loki in Avengers), and it ends w/ him slamming you against a wall for massive damage, or just K.O.'s you.
    when i got Unstoppable Colossus, i thought he was gonna have different moves than the original, and i was disappointed when it was the same as the original. Kabam, plz make him better!
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    NikneymsizNikneymsiz Posts: 2
    Juggernaut can't get what he deserves in this game, why is this character who is one of the strongest in the Marvel universe so screwed up in the game? It definitely needs improvement.
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    Hanigan53Hanigan53 Posts: 11

    Iron Fist


    Iron Fist should be way stronger than he is right now.

    Stats 4 star rank 5 level 50 sig 99


    Passive Abilities

    Chi Strike-
    Each time Iron Fist gets 5 hits in his combo meter, (that would be like 5, 10, 15 and so on) he gains a chi strike buff increasing his attack by 10% (max 30). After the fight ends Iron Fist keeps half of the Chi strike charges for the next fight ( without the signature ability you cant keep the charges, similar to Aegon).

    Heavy Attacks-
    Every time Iron Fist lands a heavy attack he puts an Armour break buff on the opponent for 8 seconds.

    Iron Fist has a 75% chance for his hits to do energy damage and be non-contact.

    When Iron Fist's health drops below 20% Iron Fist consumes three of the chi strike buffs to regenerate 2,345 over 6 seconds.

    Special Attacks

    all of iron fists attacks need to be reanimated.

    Iron Fist rapidly kicks the opponent and the uppercuts the him/her.

    this special gives iron fist a 10% chance to gain a charge for every kick that hits.
    The uppercut has an 80% chance to stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds.
    An armour break is inflicted on the opponent after the uppercut lasting 8 seconds.

    Iron Fist charges up his fist, throws three punches and then sidekicks the opponent away.

    Iron Fist gains an enhanced true strike buff for 15 seconds. (you cant get parried, the opponent cant evade,auto block and all of their heavy attacks are guaranteed to miss)
    The opponent gets weakness & armour break for 10 on each debuffs.

    Iron Fist goes into rampage mode and his fist turn into the dragon fist, he launches lots of punches at the opponent and then sends the flying with the ultimate dragon punch.

    The opponent gets stunned for 4 seconds
    Iron Fist consumes 5 chi strike buffs to gets a mega fury increasing his attack by 150% for 7 seconds.
    Iron Fist gets an armour up buff for 10 seconds.

    Signature Ability

    Iron Fist takes half of his chi strikes to the next fight
    He has a 20% chance to take all of his chi charges after the fight ends.


    Luke Cage, Daredevil (Netflix) and maybe even Jessica Jones if she comes out

    Luke Cage-The stun on the special 1 lasts for 20% longer
    Daredevil- +8% critical chance
    Iron Fist-All debuffs on the opponent last 1 second longer

    The Biggest Enemies-
    Kingpin & Elektra

    Kingpin- A 30% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds on SP1
    Elektra -Bleeds do 50% more damage and last 0.75 seconds longer
    Iron Fist-Any chi attack has a 35% chance to inflict an chi burn debuff (similar to incinerate) decreasing the opponents health by 10% over 15 seconds

    Any feedback is welcome

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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Netflix DD Buff
    Sig Ability: World On Fire lv 99

    The son of Battlin’ Jack Murdock only becomes more determined as he receives punishment, granting him a 90%** chance when gaining a debuff to shrug it off and increase Critical Rating by x for 7 seconds.

    **depends on sig levels


    - Precision buffs generated by the Dexterity mastery are x times more potent.
    - The remarkable suit crafted by Mr. Potter can turn aside knives and gunfire, granting attacks that have a chance to inflict Bleed a 30% chance to Glance.
    - 35% chance a block reduces all damage.
    - Perfect blocks Glance.
    - Glancing hits deal 30% less damage and suffer -70% ability accuracy.
    - Glancing a hit has a 90% chance to increase Daredevil’s Critical Rating by x for 7 seconds.

    When Attacked

    - Daredevil’s enhanced senses grant him up to an 100% chance to evade incoming projectiles based on Critical Rating.

    All Attacks

    - Striking with honed precision, Daredevil gets +x Critical Rating against opponent’s suffering from Armor Break.
    - Medium and Heavy Attacks have a 30% chance to inflict Armor Break, reducing enemy armor by 686.82 for 6 seconds. Heavy Attacks result in longer Armor Breaks.
    - Against Stunned opponents, each Armor Break provides Daredevil +x additional Critical Damage.

    Special 1

    - Critical hits have a 100% chance to Stun the opponent for 3.5 seconds.

    Special 2

    - Critical hits have a 100% chance to Stun the opponent for 4.5 seconds.

    Special 3

    - A burst of heightened senses grants Daredevil True Accuracy and +x Critical Rating for 24 seconds.

    I left all the Crit values blank because I didn’t know how high of an evasion chance is too high.
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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    It’s not a perfect buff but he should be able to generate a bunch of Precision and his evade chance should be based on crit rating
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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Thoughts on either version of Cyclops appreciated. Really pleased to see I'm not the only person who likes doing these redesigns!
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    PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    I say we should buff juggernaut. He has practically no utility except for unstoppable (which relies on being awakened), stagger on his heavy which is incredibly hard to pull off without a good stun and fury. He is above average on defence but that's about it. There have been some decent reworks this last year so I think Juggernaut is a good option for the next.
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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89

    I say we should buff juggernaut.

    Really all he needs is a synergy that gives him a BUNCH of Attack and physical resistance while unstoppable.

    As for utility, he could have a mechanic like Anhilus where when Taunted he activates Unstoppable and somehow he could Taunt himself maybe while the opponent’s Unstoppable so he gets the physical resistance while the opponent is Unstoppable.
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    Since Colossus is most definitely going to win the poll, I decided to revisit my rework of him, fine-tuning it. You can find the original rework here.

    I will not go through the whole rework in detail again, only focusing on the changes.

    The Metal Armor passive becomes a Protection passive that permanently reduces all physical and energy contact damage by 15%. It can be disabled for 10 seconds when he would be hit by more than 15% health or stunned. The Protection passive stores all damage it has reduced through its effect. If it amounts to 50% of Colossus' health, it is permanently disabled. This is a combination of the protection of the Thing and Symbiote Supreme. I thought a copy-paste of Iceman is way too dull and probably OP. The Protection passive still gives the same passive armor rating as today.

    Instead of a 30% chance to Bruise on his basic hits, I would make it 100% on his medium hits (50% when the target is blocking). Bruise has still the same effect: acting as an armor break and bleed in one, while none of its disadvantages. It will only deal 45% of the attack rating over 4.2 seconds. That should give enough time to convert two Bruises into a Fracture for every five attack combo.

    Fracture passives last 8.4 seconds and deal 90% of the attack rating. They can still be refreshed with every basic hits, lower the chance to trigger Armor Up by 10% (halved to 5% for tech champions and doubled to 20% for skill champions) and stack up to 5.

    Armor Up effects (buffs and passives) get converted to Armor passives, which cannot be removed by armor break. Seeing so many champions armor break these days, it would be incredibly punishing to see your hard work gets broken away by one mistake. So once you convert the Armor Ups, you should be safe. This ability is way to important to lock-it behind the sig, so I suggest to add this to the regular abilities.

    It would be silly to work your way to 10 Armor-Up just to convert it to an Indestructible so you've to start all over again. At 10 Armor passives, the chance to trigger Armor Up goes to zero. Every Armor passive increases the damage reduction of the Protection passive by +8.5% and decreases the refresh timer by 1 second, but at a cost of increasing damage taken by non-contact hits, hits that armor break or direct damage by 10%.

    So you're pretty much indestructible, but there are ways to bypass it: (1) using a non-contact champion, (2) using a champion that deals direct damage, like power burn or poison, (3) using a champion that regularly armor breaks or (4) disabling the Protection passive through a stun. Although I think it is unlikely that Colossus as a AW defender will stack enough Armor passives to become indestructible. As the Protection passive stores the damage it reduces, you can't stay indestructible for the entire fight. At some point, you'll hit the 50% mark and it goes into permanent cooldown.

    The sig with the mega-AU would make things just way complicated: you would have regular AU, this mega AU, Armor passives and then Protection passive. That's a bit overkill. Instead, I suggest the armor rating of the Protection passive increases armor rating based on sig lvl. Protection also increases the chance for a block break by a heavy attack or an unblockable attack to fail by 10% for every Armor Up or Armor passive, but I think it is best it doesn't resist armor break. Also, 10% of the damage reduced by the Protection passive is reflected back to the attacker as direct damage. This should give enough incentive to awaken Colossus, both offensively and defensively.

    I also made a mistake with the Rasputin Bloodline synergy. Magik already deals damage when nullifying a buff with her SP1, instead I suggest the SP1 to nullify all buffs instead of one buff.


    Do you like this champion improvement? Then also check out my others:

    Iron Man (Infinity War)
    Red Hulk
    Ronan the Accuser
    Green Goblin
    Civil Warrior

    Feedback is always welcome!
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    dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 313 ★★
    One day i wish to see Thor, Hulk and Magneto given their true power back.
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    mbracembrace Posts: 840 ★★★
    What is it going to take to get Magneto added to the shortlist? I’ll bet he would have given Colossus a run for his money if we had the chance to vote for him.
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    ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 3,152 ★★★★★
    WHO: Electro

    WHY: Electro is a powerful and fearsome villain in the comics, yet his character in-game doesn't do much justice to him, the thorns damage he does is okay but he isn't built for defence as he is as tough as a soft pillow, so lets give him a nice rework and make him someone you want to fear


    Electro gains 100% less power from Attacking, Blocking and being struck, but passively gains 10% power every 10 seconds as long as he has more than one Electricity Charge. The duration decreases by 0.5 seconds for every 25 Electricity Charges

    His basic attacks reduce the opponent's defensive ability accuracy by 20%

    Hostile Shocks deal 100% less damage

    If Electro is damaged, he deals 40% of the attack's damage as thorns damage

    Passive: Electricity Charges

    Max: 150

    When the fight starts, Electro begins with 50 Electricity Charges

    Electro constantly loses electricity while fighting losing one charge every 0.2 seconds however, he can gain charges just as fast

    Whenever he gets struck by the opponent, he gains 5 charges, if the hit was an energy attack, he gains 15

    Whenever he blocks a hit from the opponent he gains 5 charges, if it is a perfect block or the hit was an energy attack he gains 5 extra

    Whenever he gets attacked by the opponent either blocking or not he gains 5 charges, if he lands a perfect block he gains 10 charges

    Whenever he attacks the opponent he gains 3 charges per hit landed

    Whenever he is suffering from a shock debuff, he takes no damage and instead gains 5 charges a second for the entire duration of the shock

    If Electro's power is drained, he loses charges equal to the amount drained

    If Electro has more than 125 charges, the electricity starts to become lethal to handle, he starts losing 0.1% health a second for every charge that he has that is above 100

    Electrical Overcharge

    Prevents Charges from being lost during the first 5 seconds of the buff activating

    Whenever Electro reaches 100 Electricity Charges he gains an indefinite Passive Electrical Overcharge buff as long as he remains above 100 charges. Electricity Charges expire every 0.5 seconds, but you get 60% fewer charges from methods you use to get charges

    As long as Electrical Overcharge is active, Electro becomes Stun Immune and takes 75% less damage from Energy based attacks

    Contact with Electro if he is going through Electrical Overcharge has a 40% chance to inflict a shock on the opponent, dealing 20% of his attack as energy damage (+3% for every charge above 100) over 3 seconds, a 5% chance to stun the opponent for 0.5 seconds (+0.1 second for every charge above 100) and 20% chance to drain 5% of the opponents current power (+2.5% for every charge above 100)

    Thorns damage is doubled and all Electro's basic attacks become energy based

    If Electro loses power during an Electrical Overcharge he loses 50% of his electrical charges

    If Electro's power is stolen during an Electrical Overcharge, he loses 50% of his charges but deals instant energy damage onto the opponent (1.5% for every charge drained)

    Heavy Attacks

    Drains 1 charge every 0.2 seconds while charging a heavy attack until 20 is drained

    Stuns the opponent if 5 are drained for 0.75 seconds (+0.1 for every extra charge drained)

    Special 1: Thundering Advance
    You can't get faster than Electricity!
    *Visual: Electro fires two bolts of electricity at the opponent and teleports forward to do an electric uppercut (3 Hits)*

    If Electro has Electrical Overcharge active, the final hit is Unblockable

    Special 2: Lightning Onslaught
    Your fighting only gives him power, and Electro will gladly show you said power through shocking methods
    *Visual: Electro teleports forward to do a kick, he then strafes backwards, focuses electricity into his hands and expulses by firing a large bolt of electricity (4 hits)*

    Electro consumes 50% of his current amount of Electricity Charges

    Inflicts a Shock Debuff on the opponent dealing 1.5% of your attack as energy damage over 5 seconds for every charge you consumed

    This also drains 2% of the opponent's current power for every charge consumed

    Special 3: The Eye Of The Storm
    Electro's power starts pushing beyond its maximum, there is only one option, expulse it all to the one that dares to face him
    *Visual: Electricity starts surrounding Electro, he then teleports forward, punches the opponent and then kicks them to the wall, he then levitates and then fires all his electricity that he has focused in one gigantic bolt towards the opponent*

    Gain a Passive Electrical Overcharge buff for 25 seconds regardless of Electric Charges

    This inflicts a Stun on the opponent for 1 second (+1 for every 20 charges)

    Signature Ability: Lethal Electricity
    Electro's electricity starts to be more focused, targeting the strong points that could result in being lethal for the opponent

    For every 25 Charges, you gain you get an indefinite Cruelty buff, that increases Critical Damage by 10%, once you enter Electric Overcharge, consume all Cruelty Buffs and gain a Passive indefinite Cruelty buff that increases Critical Damage by 25% (Sig 100 50%, Sig 200 75%), you can only gain one per fight

    When the fight ends, convert all Passive Cruelty into Persistent Charges, up to only 3

    For every passive cruelty that Electro has, he gains a 5% (Sig 100 10% Sig 200 15%) chance to land a critical hit

    Feedback would be welcome, thanks
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    DOA40DOA40 Posts: 94
    I have posted this before and pretty much got made fun of because the community doesn’t understand that not every player has the characters to deal with them.

    Who: MODOK

    Why: Pain in the butt to fight for those who don’t have a character with the True Strike Ability to nullify his shield.


    Force Field Passive: Quite simply, this ability needs to be removed completely and he needs to be given something else or it really needs a seriously longer downtime before it reactivates. As I said, characters with the True Strike ability are great against him, but what about players who don’t have a character with this?

    Here is a typical fight that I have had personally and consistently against MODOK: Remove shield, MODOK goes into block until it returns, rinse, repeat. His shield is an annoyance and it drags out the fight out longer than it honestly needs to be for a player who doesn’t have a character like Venom, Karnak, or Proxima/Corvus synergy.

    It’s even worse if you are fighting one in an AW match because, between trying to remove his shield and him staying in block once it’s removed, he can run down a timer by doing this. I have honestly seen a member of my Alliance go through their entire attack team trying to get him down because of his constant blocking and running down of the fight timer, causing you to lose half your health.

    How To Fix: As I said my choices would be to either remove the shield completely and give him a different passive ability or give him a longer down before his shield recharges.

    The shield has an 8 second recharge time. While that does seem like a good time, the fact that he stays in block once it’s gone until it recharges really makes it seem like he gets it back a lot faster than he does.

    My suggestion, once his shield is removed, the shield has a 20 second recharge time and he loses the ability to block. Quite simply, removing his ability to block while it is down, will keep him from hiding in it until it recharges and keep the fight from dragging out like it does.

    AI Reworking: Quite simply, MODOK has three modes of fighting: Block the entire match, spam heavies, spam specials. I have actually never seen one who actually throws an actual medium or light attack during the match. As I said, he’s a pain to fight for those who don’t have a True Strike character to counter him.

    How To Fix: Just rework the AI. Less blocking, less heavies, and actually make him throw a punch. While you don’t have to make him go completely crazy and have him just fighting the entire match, a little balance with the AI would be a big improvement than the turtling, spamming MODOK we see now.
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    Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    Daredevil Netflix should be buffed big time. Both daredevils have their 2nd medium timing off and is very hard to chain with a combo or a special attack . Same goes for moonknight l1. Pls look into that
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    Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    Yawn said:

    I have to say, this is the most reasonable improvement I’ve seen so far. It wouldn’t make him a god but it would make him usable. It also doesn’t stray far from the way he was designed to operate. Good post.

    Werewrym wrote: »

    science22 wrote: »

    Suel wrote: »

    Jane foster is the worst

    Why is she bad.. She can do some reasonable damage with some not so bad staggers and stuns. But, at least she's better than IF. :/

    IF desperately needs a buff...

    Character Update: Iron Fist

    What I Dislike: Everything... Iron Fist is weak. Despite his armor break, his hits are fairly weak, and he needs something more to actually make him a usable character.

    Suggested Improvements: Iron fist needs a whole lot of love when it comes time for an update. He should be one of the top armor break champs in the game, yet he is severely lacking in this area.

    First, make his sig part of his regular abilities. Iron Fist should be able to stack armor breaks without needing the dupe.

    Second, add the ability for IF to Armor Shatter. Perhaps after IF has stacked 5 armor breaks, preforming a heavy attack will armor shatter the opponent for 5-10 seconds.

    sp1 (update): Make this special attack refresh all armor breaks and armor shatters.

    New Sig ability: When an opponent is suffering from armor shatter, Iron Fist strikes will killer accuracy hitting guaranteed critical hits with a 1000 critical damage increase. (Much like Thor Jane).

    None of these abilities give IF insane utility, but they would significantly help his damage output.

    IF is a chi master, so may be they can give him abilities based on stored power. Defensive abilities, such as chance to shrug off debuffs , more block proficiency, autoblock attacks(If is the best of kunlun, one of the , if not the best hand to hand combatants, his training enables him to predict and block in coming attacks) for 2 seconds. These will have a low base stat, it should go up on basis of how high opponent's power bar is.
    Offensive: the more power IF has, the more his attack abilities triggers. Special attacks have a chance to enervate/ power lock the target . Every 6th attack is a crit.(100% at full power)
    Applies to specials as well. Armour breaks should be possible without duped.
    The one inch punch:(heavy) nullifies upto 2 buffs of opponent based on IF's stored power.

    Duped: 1) Glowing fist ✊: After summoning the iron fist via sp3, Danny Rand's hands start to glow and all palm attacks receive additional crit chance and 100% chance to amour break. Additionally, while under the Effects of glowing fist, while doing a heavy attack, IF becomes unstoppable.
    During glowing fist IF receives true strike and cannot be stunned (to not get whoopped by autoblock)

    The duration of the GF increases each time A sp3 is acrivated by IF.

    2) All of IF's abilities has an increased % chance to trigger.
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