Are you looking for an active yet chilled alliance?

Hey guys. We are currently silver 2 but are pushing for silver 1. We do aq map 4 and 2 (for full exploration). We have whatsapp for communication but its not necessary. No donations needed. Must be active. NO freeloaders. Must CONTRIBUTE and PARTICIPATE. If intrested find me in game
Alliance: Fire strike
In game name: Blazing Echo


  • MkaliwaoMkaliwao Posts: 29
    Hey am interested
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 141
    Hey. Whats your hero rating and whats your in game name? Add me: Blazing Echo.
  • BogiaBogia Posts: 119
    I'm interested. 114K Hero Rating
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 141
    Cool, invited
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 141
    Still need 1
  • SlackSlack Posts: 14
    Hi, I'm interested, I just sent you my petition to join, my hero rating is 187K
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 141
    Awesome! We are now full. But we might have a spot open in the future. Thanks all
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