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Champion Improvement Suggestions [edited by Mod for clarity]



  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 465 ★★★
    Yawn said:

    I have to say, this is the most reasonable improvement I’ve seen so far. It wouldn’t make him a god but it would make him usable. It also doesn’t stray far from the way he was designed to operate. Good post.

    Werewrym wrote: »

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    Jane foster is the worst

    Why is she bad.. She can do some reasonable damage with some not so bad staggers and stuns. But, at least she's better than IF. :/

    IF desperately needs a buff...

    Character Update: Iron Fist

    What I Dislike: Everything... Iron Fist is weak. Despite his armor break, his hits are fairly weak, and he needs something more to actually make him a usable character.

    Suggested Improvements: Iron fist needs a whole lot of love when it comes time for an update. He should be one of the top armor break champs in the game, yet he is severely lacking in this area.

    First, make his sig part of his regular abilities. Iron Fist should be able to stack armor breaks without needing the dupe.

    Second, add the ability for IF to Armor Shatter. Perhaps after IF has stacked 5 armor breaks, preforming a heavy attack will armor shatter the opponent for 5-10 seconds.

    sp1 (update): Make this special attack refresh all armor breaks and armor shatters.

    New Sig ability: When an opponent is suffering from armor shatter, Iron Fist strikes will killer accuracy hitting guaranteed critical hits with a 1000 critical damage increase. (Much like Thor Jane).

    None of these abilities give IF insane utility, but they would significantly help his damage output.

    IF is a chi master, so may be they can give him abilities based on stored power. Defensive abilities, such as chance to shrug off debuffs , more block proficiency, autoblock attacks(If is the best of kunlun, one of the , if not the best hand to hand combatants, his training enables him to predict and block in coming attacks) for 2 seconds. These will have a low base stat, it should go up on basis of how high opponent's power bar is.
    Offensive: the more power IF has, the more his attack abilities triggers. Special attacks have a chance to enervate/ power lock the target . Every 6th attack is a crit.(100% at full power)
    Applies to specials as well. Armour breaks should be possible without duped.
    The one inch punch:(heavy) nullifies upto 2 buffs of opponent based on IF's stored power.

    Duped: 1) Glowing fist ✊: After summoning the iron fist via sp3, Danny Rand's hands start to glow and all palm attacks receive additional crit chance and 100% chance to amour break. Additionally, while under the Effects of glowing fist, while doing a heavy attack, IF becomes unstoppable.
    During glowing fist IF receives true strike and cannot be stunned (to not get whoopped by autoblock)

    The duration of the GF increases each time A sp3 is acrivated by IF.

    2) All of IF's abilities has an increased % chance to trigger.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,332 ★★★★★
    Why not consider dropping some of the buffs for Colossus onto Unstoppable Colossus? From a coding perspective it could be like a BOGO. And it would make UC a prize again.

    Dr. Zola
  • DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 165
    Rocket Raccoon
    Add passive ability: Animal Instinct
    Rocket starts the fight with a 10% chance to evade physical hits and 20% to evade projectiles. Depending on the size of the enemy, he gains an extra 5% evade for each size above Rocket's size. In addition to that, the further Rocket is away from the enemy, the higher the chance of him evading projectile
    His SP3 should be redesigned to either 1 of shock and stun OR armor break and incinerate.

    Winter Soldier
    Add passive ability: Bionic Arm
    Bionic arm works similar to WS current signature
    Add new signature: Berserk
    Berserk should b similar to Crossbones' Overrun mode

    Rework his signature ability to "Dormammu increases the chance of attacker's buffs triggering by x%. Each buff triggered in this manner places a degeneration debuff on the attacker reducing health by x for the duration of the buff. Each buff triggered in this manner also grants dormammu a regeneration buff, healing him for x for the duration of the buff.

    Spiderman (Classic), Symbiote Spiderman, and Spiderman (Miles Morales)
    Every successful evade has a 10% chance to place a taunt debuff on the enemy for x seconds, reducing attack by x% and increasing their chance of activating a special attack by x%. Taunt debuff can be stacked.
    SP1 - the webshots have a chance to place a slow debuff on the enemy.
    SP2 animation should be put as heavy
    Spiderman (Classic) and Symbiote Spiderman's SP2 should be similar to Stark's SP1 and Spider Gwen's SP2 animations

    Rework his signature ability to
    After using a special attack:
    Under Neyaphem mode, Nightcrawler's unique sense of imminent danger increases rapidly, that even active and passive true strike and true accuracy abilities cannot negate his evades for x seconds
    Under Swashbuckling mode, Nightcrawler uses his teleport ability to launch attacks and anticipates enemy movement, granting him true strike for x seconds

    In addition to glancing in his signature, Antman should be given the ability to turn to Giant Man when his health runs low.
  • NikhilNikhil Posts: 101
    edited May 2019
    Opponents with 'metal' tag suffer 70% ability accurate reduction. Skill champions with 'metal' tag suffers 100% ability accurate reduction (permanent duration ability same as og magneto.)

    Guaranteed bleed, Armor break and heal block on all special attacks. If magneto activates all special attacks in a fight, these debuffs become permanent unless get 5 hits from opponent.

    Magneto produces magnetic field around him, which causes projectile attacks of opponents to glance and cause 70% less damage. He can aslo block projectiles which are unlockable.

    Magneto's Magnetic field also provide him ability to ignore block penetration/ or some ability which can nullify the high block damage of special attacks like sp2 of massacre. ( Additional ability along his signature ability.)

    Magneto does is not affected by any telepathic abilities of his opponents. When opponents tries any telepathic attack, they fail and suffer power lock.

    Magneto is a very powerful, iconic and unique character so i think he deserves a great upgrade
  • Bossdog55555Bossdog55555 Posts: 50
    edited May 2019
    The hood
    What I dislike- the hoods nullify cannot stack, his armor rating is small.
    What needs to be changed- make his nullify ability stack up to 10 times to help make up for the armor rating that causes him to lose health fast.
  • mbracembrace Posts: 540 ★★★
    We have to get past the problem of Magneto not being on the old champion upgrade shortlist, so that we can vote for him. I’ll bet he would have placed second to colossus, if not first.
  • The hood
    What I dislike- the hoods nullify cannot stack, his armor rating is small.
    What needs to be changed- make his nullify ability stack up to 10 times to help make up for the armor rating that causes him to lose health fast.

    I think you mean Stagger. Stagger is a preemptive form of Nullify. Essentially a Nullify in waiting, lol. If Stagger was capable of stacking up too 10, I think that would effectively castrate any champ that relies upon Buffs. As he has an 88% chance to place Stagger as it is, and it would almost certainly be NONSTOP. For the most part, he already Staggers champs fairly quickly and effectively. I'd say no more than 5, maybe 3 stacks of Stagger. 10 is just TOO much. While the idea is nice (and it is as I LOVE using Hood) it's just overkill and the character loses balance.

    Perhaps though, Buff Stagger to INCLUDE Passive abilities instead of making it stack. Increases the range of usefulness while preventing it from being too dominant. Would for SURE increase Hood's value and give an answer to the ever growing Passive Ability loopholes that Nullify and Stagger can't currently touch. SW's Nullify for example is great against Buff oriented champs, but quite useless against Passive Abilities. Or MAYBE if it were to stack, 2-3× Staggers per 1 Passive Ability removed? Next one gained that is, just like Stagger currently functions against Buffs. Hood could indeed use a little love in this arena, and I would LOVE to see something like that occur.
  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★
    So I made a thread on this and it was shut down and I was told to come here, so I had an idea about a way to slightly improve sabertooth. I think that sabertooth should store his furys as prisistant charges instead of how many times he can carry them over. Building up your fury’s only to lose them after a few fights is very annoying, and I think this would make the character much more viable. And plus most ramp up champs, specifically with prisistsnt charges, do not have to re build up their ability or charges every 3 or 4 fights
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    Juggernaut buff.

    Awakened ability:

    Every 20 hits, Juggernaut gains an indestructible buff.
    Every time a special is activated, gain unstoppable.

    Other abilities:

    Every five hits on the combo metre, juggernaut gives the opponent a permanent armour break debuff. If juggernaut's combo metre is reset, the armour breaks fade,
    For every armour brake on the opponent at the end of the fight, he gains 10% more special damage next fight.
    If Juggernaut is struck by a special attack, gains 3 furys.
    Heavy attack causes stagger.
    Every time the opponent strikes juggernaut while he is blocking, he has 10% chance to gain one rage charge. Each charge gives Juggernaut 5% chance to break blocks with basic attacks and increases the chance to gain another charge by 5%. If he gains 15 rage charges, enter enraged mode. He becomes unstoppable for 1.5 seconds while charging heavy attacks, gains + 300% damage and each hit has a 65% chance to cause fatigue.

    Special one:

    Causes a stun lasting up to 12 seconds based on combo metre.

    Special two:

    Causes concussion lasting up to 15 seconds based on rage charges.

    Special three:

    Gives Juggernaut 3 rage charges.
  • rockstar323rockstar323 Posts: 57
    Suggestion to improve Civil War Black Panther

    As it stands right now he has one of, if not, the least useful Signature Abilities in the game.

    Signature Ability: Panther Habit

    Black Panther begins the fight with his Reflective state active. Additionally, Black Panther’s Armor passively has a 15-39.1% chance to absorb heavy attack impacts by consuming 1 Armor Up effect.

    It requires you to take damage at the start of the fight or leave yourself open to a heavy. I'm sure most end game players don't worry about heavy attacks, I haven't used the Stand Your Ground mastery in years.

    Suggested fixes.

    He doesn't take damage while Reflective state is up, and only takes damage as the reflect charges expire.

    Give him a chance to enter Reflective state on well timed blocks, with a cool down.

    Give him a chance to inflict bleed on critical hits from all attacks.

    This will give him a chance to absorb massive attacks and deal it back throughout the fight and the bleeds will increase his overall damage output. Players can adjust their playstyle to actually let the AI attack them while he's in Reflective state for a chance to deal it back. I think those fixes would make him a much more viable champion that people would want to rank up and use much more often than they currently do.
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    Here are suggestions for 58 champions
    (See Document attached)
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    Here are suggestions for 58 champions
    (See Document attached)
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    Here are suggestions for 58 champions
    (See Document attached)
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    Here are suggestions for 58 champions
    (See Document attached)
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    Sorry for submitting it multiple time. This is my first time using the forums.
  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 548 ★★★
    Please do quiet small improvements to weak champs.
    Use Seatin's list and just do the Meme Tier (for starters).
    1) Increase ATTACK.
    2) Tweak weak abilities and make them a bit stronger
    (Civil Warrior's Offensive Ability Reduction changed to plain Ability Accuracy Reduction)

    Doing small steady improvements will allow
    - little to no testing
    - more characters per month improved.

    Please DO NOT make them God Tier.
    That is for your new champs.
    I just want to be able to enjoy ANY crystal I open.
    Right now, I dread opening 5* crystals and have no interest in 6* (tons of work and hope, crushed by trash champ)
  • harshraj2000harshraj2000 Posts: 43
    edited May 2019
    Sorry, the link wasn't attached correctly. Here it is -
  • crogscrogs Posts: 618 ★★★
    issamaf80 said:

    Just duped my 5* Ant-Man.

    He has two abilities. Three counting his “signature”

    What got me is the very slim “25% of the time” it activates. Fatigue is far to slim of a chance to make it effective, and his sp2 poision damage is just weak compared to others.

    He could use some love for sure. Look at wasp, she’s more in line with how his ability should work with “shrink” Ant-Man can become enormous though and should have some offensive ability, at least the possibility. For example, his heavy attack animation should be more like Memphistos. Growing in size to deliver a huge blow. Maybe add stun or bonus to attack as a kicker.

    This is not my Post By The Way

    Antman definitely needs more consistent fatigue and better poison. My 5* is duped and he sits and collects dust. My Cage is the bomb. He throws fatigue or exhaustion, whichever one it is, and stacked up, specials do great damage. It's consistent and works well. Antman just stinks. It's so inconsistent. You try to wail away and get nothing by the time you get to SP2, and it becomes useless. He's just pointless.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    So I decided to come up with reworks for the six original MCU Avengers. I think I went overboard with most of them. I’m just gonna post two here to see what people think.

    Hulk (I know he doesn’t really need a buff that much)

    Class: Science

    Signature Ability: The Immortal Hulk.
    Hulk’s healing factor kicks in at low health. Once per fight, while Hulk is below 30% HP, dashing back and holding block for 5 seconds will cause Hulk to regenerate X% of his maximum HP over 10 seconds. This effect is lost if Hulk is struck by a special attack.

    Hulk’s advances immune system gives him immunity to all known poisons of the battlerealm.
    Hulk’s nearly indestructible skin causes him to take 75% less damage from bleed debuffs.

    Hulk begins the fight with a Worldbreaker passive, granting him different effects as he loses HP and becomes angrier.
    80% or lower: +X physical resistance.
    60% or lower: Fury buffs become passive effects. Fury passives last 3 seconds longer.
    40% or lower: Medium attacks have an 80% chance to cause an Armor Break debuff, reducing the opponent’s armor by X for 7 seconds (this debuff stacks up to 3 times).
    20% or lower: Hulk can have up to 5 Fury passive effects at a time, and his special attacks become unblockable.

    All attacks: Hulk has a 12% chance to gain a Fury buff, increasing his attack by 10% for 9 seconds (this buff does not stack).

    Heavy attacks: Has a 50% chance to cause a Slow debuff, reducing the opponent’s chance to evade by 30% and preventing them from becoming unstoppable for 7 seconds.

    Special 1 and 2: Has a 90% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds. The duration of the effect is increased by 1 second for each Fury buff or passive on Hulk (can not exceed 4 seconds).

    New Synergy:

    STRONGEST AVENGER with Thor and Thor (Ragnarok):
    All #Avengers have a 30% chance to cause an Armor Break debuff while using a special attack, reducing the opponent’s armor by 15% for 7 seconds.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Iron Man

    Class: Tech

    Signature Ability: House Party Protocol.
    Iron Man begins each quest with 4 persistent charges which can be activated before the fight. Each pre-fight ability grants a different effect at the start of the battle. Each of these abilities can only be trigger once per quest.
    All pre-fight abilities:
    Iron Man begins the fight with -50% armor, -50% block proficiency, and -100% ability accuracy lasting for 5 seconds. After these 5 seconds are up, Iron Man regenerates 100% of his missing health and switches to one of his other suits.
    -30% armor and block proficiency.
    Dashing back and holding block for 5 seconds copies all Fury, Armor Up, Regeneration, Power Gain, Precision, and Cruelty debuffs on the opponent for X seconds (20 second cooldown).
    Incinerate debuffs deal 15% more damage.
    +X% block proficiency.
    Immunity to Armor Break and Concussion debuffs.
    Slow attacks give opponents with the ability to evade a +15% chance to evade.
    Whenever an opponent uses a special attack, Iron Man has an X% chance to become invisible for the duration of the attack, and incoming attacks have a 60% chance to miss.
    Attacks have a +20% chance to cause debuffs.
    Any buffs or debuffs caused have their duration reduced by 30%.
    -40% block proficiency.
    Immunity to Poison, Coldsnap, Frostbite, and Incinerate effects.
    Critical hits have an X% chance to grant Iron Man a True Strike buff for 7 seconds.

    When struck:
    Iron Man has a 15% chance to gain an Armor Up buff, increasing his armor by X for 11 seconds.
    +85% chance to gain an Armor up on well-timed blocks.

    While blocking:
    Iron Man has a 10% chance to perfect block per active Armor Up buff.

    All attacks:
    Critical hits have a 10% chance to cause an Armor Break debuff, reducing the opponent’s armor by 10% for 7 seconds (this debuff does not stack).

    Special attacks:
    If the opponent is affected by 3 or more Armor Break debuffs, special attacks cause an Incinerate debuff for each buff on Iron Man and his opponent, each dealing X damage over 12 seconds and reducing the opponent’s block proficiency by 50%.

    J.A.R.V.I.S. :
    While Iron Man is affected by 5 or more buffs, he has J.A.R.V.I.S. come up with a combat plan, and he triggers an Attack Plan: Alpha passive effect lasting 15 deconds.
    While Attack Plan: Alpha is active:
    Armor Break debuffs stack.
    Iron Man can cause critical hits through blocks.
    Critical hits cause an Aptitude buff for 1 second, increasing Iron Man’s critical chance and damage by 20%.
    After Attack Plan: Alpha wears off, all Armor Up buffs active are consumed and all of Iron Man’s power is lost.

    New Synergy:

    INSPIRATION with Captain America (Classic) and Captain America (WWII):
    All #Avengers have a +50% chance to perfect block while below 50% HP.
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    Electro buff:


    Every time the opponent hits electro, reflect back 50% of damage dealt.
    As the fight progresses, electro periodically gains increased voltage, dealing up to 150% energy damage.
    When Electro gains shock, he takes no damage and gains 5% damage per second.
    As electro fights his opponent, Electro gains persistent charges (up to eight). Each of these corresponds to 30% more damage on his first special attack next fight.

    Special one:

    Stuns and shocks the opponent. Each lasting for 4.5 seconds.

    Special two:

    Is completely unblockable, deals stun for 6 seconds.

    Special 3:

    Electro has a 65% chance to only lose one bar of power after use. Stuns opponent for 8 seconds.

  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    I've also come up with a kang buff idea, since he's such an exclusive champion and getting him can be strenuous, I think he should be buffed. Sorry if these arent comic accurate, I'm not exactly an expert.

    Abilities- as the fight goes on kang can activate a range of defensive and offensive technology.


    80% health,
    Put a permanent weakness effect on the opponent

    60% health,
    45% chance to auto block critical hits

    40% health,
    Activate forcefield, taking 50% less damage from all attacks.

    20% health,
    If the opponent is within the field, power drain 20% of 1 bar of power a second. Additionally, if the opponent hits into the forcefield, 60% damage dealt is reflected back at them.


    20% damage dealt,
    Becomes unstoppable of 1 second while charging heavy attacks.

    40% damage dealt,
    Critical hits do 30% energy damage.

    60% damage dealt.
    40% less power is given to the opponent on each hit.

    80% damage dealt,
    Basic attacks have a 40% chance to give the opponent stagger.

    Special one:
    Causes heal block and a 3 second stun.

    Special 2:
    Drains 100% of enemy power.

    Special 3:
    Activates a passive time travel, dash back and hold block for 1.5 seconds to regenerate 15% health.
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89

    Abomination is a good defender if awakened and you don’t have any Poison immune champs but he barely does anything on offense.

    This buff makes Abomination the king of suicides (after OR) and heal reversal.

    Godlike (Hulk)(Hulk(Ragnarok))

    Abomination: Each Poison on the opponent increases Abomination’s Critical Damage by +15%

    Hulk: Safeguard 8% of Hulk’s max health against special attacks and increase the potency of Furies generated by them by 100%.

    Hulk (Ragnarok): Instantly gain up to 100% max power based on Crowd Excitement when Police Verso would trigger.

    Gamma Bomb (Rhino)

    Abomination: Special 3 Poison reduces the opponent’s power rate by 100% while active.

    Rhino: Being struck while Unstoppable gives Rhino +200% Attack until his next hit.

    Enemies (Red Hulk)(She Hulk)

    All Champions: +x Critical Rating

    Nemesis (Hulk)

    All champions: +4% Attack
    Sig Ability: Irradiate

    The Abomination’s gamma irradiated body is detrimental even to the Contest’s most resilient of champions.

    When Attacked

    - Contact attacks have an x%** chance to inflict Poison, dealing x damage over 9 seconds.
    - Non-robotic Poison immune champions take x** direct damage when they would be Poisoned.

    **depends on sig levels


    - When Abomination gains a Bleed, 95% chance to inflict Poison, dealing x damage over 7 seconds and reducing the potency of healing effects by 30% while active.
    - An enhanced immune system provides full immunity to all known poisons of the Battlerealm.
    - Abomination’s Poison debuffs get up to +4 seconds on their duration based on stored power.

    All Attacks

    - 12% chance to gain a Fury buff, increasing Attack by x for 6 seconds.
    - Unlike the Hulk, Blonsky retains his intellect as the Abomination, allowing his attacks to both bypass 90% of the opponent’s resistances and get an additional +x Critical Rating while under the effects of a Fury buff.

    Critical Hits

    - Abomination’s intense gamma radiation output spikes, with a 70% chance to inflict Poison.
    - Poison deals x damage over 5 seconds, reducing the potency of healing effects by 30% while active.

    Special Attacks

    - 80% chance to inflict Stun for 2.5 seconds.

    Special 1

    - Abomination’s powerful gamma-fueled Skull Bash has a 90% chance to Armor Break the opponent, reducing their armor by 70% for 11 seconds.

    Special 2

    - Critical Hits generate 25% less power in the opponent per Poison on the opponent.

    Special 3

    - 100% chance to inflict Poison, dealing x damage over 19 seconds and reducing the potency of healing effects by 30% while active.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    edited June 2019
    Deadpool X-Force

    Class: Mutant

    Signature Ability: Default Dance.
    After using a special attack, leaving Deadpool to idle for 1 second causes a passive Taunt effect, increasing the opponent’s chance of using a special attack by X% and reducing their ability accuracy by the same amount. The Taunt doesn’t wear off until after the opponent uses a special attack.
    While the opponent is Taunted, Deadpool can block unblockable attacks.

    Deadpool is immune to ability accuracy reduction.
    “If you even THINK of messing with my abilities, I will uppercut you directly to heaven’s front door”
    While below 50% HP, dashing back and holding block for 3 seconds drains both champion’s power, then gives each of them half of the total power. Anything to get Deadpool to shut up.
    “Communism wasn’t that bad”

    While attacking:
    While the opponent is bleeding, all attacks have a 35% chance to cause a bleed debuff, dealing X damage over 3 seconds.
    All bleed debuffs reduce the opponent’s power gain by 8%.
    “That’s a pretty big wound. It must suck. It would probably suck even more if I were to poke at it. Y’know, like this”
    When Deadpool’s opponent evades or auto-blocks, Deadpool becomes enraged by their cheap tactics and becomes unstoppable, unblockable, and indestructible for 1 second. He doesn’t seem to realize that that’s even cheaper than evade and auto-block...
    “It was lag you casual, get on my level”

    Special 1:
    Causes a Slow debuff, reducing the opponent’s chance to evade by 30% and preventing them from becoming unstoppable for 9 seconds.
    “I’m gonna punch your nuts! IN THE NUTS!”

    Special 2:
    Causes a bleed debuff, dealing X damage over 15 seconds.
    “From hell’s heart I stab at thee!”

    Special 3:
    Causes a bleed debuff, dealing X damage over 15 seconds.
    Stuns the opponent for 3 seconds.
    “It’s important, I swear”

    New Synergies:

    THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! with Deadpool, Goldpool, Gwenpool, and Massacare.
    All champions have a 20% chance to gain a random buff after using a special attack (can not trigger unstoppable)

    CONFESS YOUR LOVE FOR ME, DANG IT with Domino and Wolverine.
    Deadpool X-Force: Bleed debuffs last 1 second longer.
    Domino: Lucky and Unlucky last one second longer as long as Domino isn’t at a class disadvantage.
    Wolverine: Once per fight when dropping down to 1% HP, Wolverine has a 35% chance to become indestructible for 5 seconds.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    (Rework) Hulkbuster

    Class: Tech

    Signature Ability: Tech Support.
    Whenever Veronica repairs the Hulkbuster, he has a 40% chance to regenerate X HP over 4 seconds.
    Systems repair X seconds faster.

    Impenetrable armor grants immunity to bleed.
    Armor Up buffs reduce the damage of all incoming debuffs except Poison, Degeneration, and Soul Barb by 20%.

    Hulkbuster begins the fight with a passive Combat System effect, a passive Defense System effect, and a passive Support System effect. Systems go offline if Hulkbuster is hit by a certain attack, or is affected by certain debuffs, and are repaired by Veronica after 15 seconds.

    Combat System:
    Critical hits have a 7% chance to cause Armor Break, reducing the opponent’s armor rating by X for 12 seconds.
    Attack rating is increased by 10% for each Armor Up buff on Hulkbuster.
    Combat System is badly damaged and goes offline if Hulkbuster is struck by a special attack, or is affected by 3 or more Weakness debuffs.

    Defense System:
    Hulkbuster cannot lose more than 10% HP from a single source.
    When struck, Hulkbuster has a 15% chance to gain an Armor Up buff, increasing his armor by X for 10 seconds.
    Defense System goes offline if Hulkbuster loses 10% of his max HP from a single source, or is affected by 3 or more Armor Break debuffs.

    Support System:
    While using a special attack, Hulkbuster receives a Prowess buff, increasing his special attack damage by 15% for each active Armor Up buff.
    Hulkbuster has a +50% chance to gain an Armor Up buff while blocking.
    Support System goes offline if Hulkbuster is struck by 2 medium attacks, or is affected by 4 or more debuffs.

    Special attacks:
    100% chance to cause an Armor Break debuff, reducing the opponent’s armor rating by X for 9 seconds.

    New Synergies:

    TITANS CLASH with Hulk.
    Hulkbuster: The first hit of each special attack is unblockable.
    Hulk: Hulk becomes unstoppable and indestructible while charging a heavy attack.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    (Rework) Dr. Strange

    Class: Mystic

    Signature Ability: Sorcerer Supreme.
    Advanced knowledge of the mystic arts causes buffs caused by Vishanti’s Blessings to become passive effects, and each one grants an additional effect.
    Oshtur’s Refuge: Dr. Strange has a +X% chance to perfect block.
    Agamotto’s Insight: While True Strike is active, critical hits have an X% chance to nullify one buff on the opponent.
    Hoggoth’s Wisdom: When an opponent’s buff wears off, Dr. Strange regenerates X% of his maximum HP (this does not include the Dexterity mastery).

    Dr. Strange gains no power from attacking or being struck.
    Dr. Strange gains 15% of a bar of power every second.

    Vishanti’s Blessings:
    Dr. Strange begins the fight with Oshturs Refuge active. Dr. Strange switches between different Blessings by dashing back and holding block for 2 seconds. Any buffs triggered by one of Vishanti’s Blessings are removed when Dr. Strange switches Blessings.
    Oshturs Refuge:
    Grants a permanent Armor Up buff, increasing Dr. Strange’s armor by X.
    Dr. Strange has a flat 30% chance to perfect block.
    Perfect blocks have an 85% chance to nullify one of the opponent’s buffs.
    Aggamotto’s Insight:
    Grants a permanent Fury buff, increasing Dr. Strange’s Attack by X.
    Non-critical hits have an 18% chance to grant an Aptitude buff, increasing Dr. Strange’s critical chance and damage by 35% for 3 seconds.
    Critical hits cause a permanent True Strike buff. True Strike wears off after successfully preventing an auto-block or evade effect.
    Hoggoth’s Wisdom:
    Grants a permanent Power Gain buff, causing Dr. Strange to gain 2% of a bar of power every second.
    After successfully landing an attack, Dr. Strange regenerates 90% of the damage dealt.
    Special attacks deal 50% of the damage dealt as direct damage.

    Special 1:
    Causes a Fate Seal debuff, nullifying all buffs on the opponent and preventing them from gaining any buffs for 10 seconds.

    Special 2:
    Has a different effect depending on which of Vishanti’s Blessings is active.
    Oshtur’s Refuge:
    Each hit causes a Weakness debuff, each reducing the opponent’s attack by 15% for 12 seconds.
    Agamotto’s Insight:
    Each hit causes an Armor Break debuff, reducing the opponent’s armor by X for 12 seconds.
    Hoggoth’s Wisdom:
    This attack is unblockable.

    Special 3:
    Causes a Fate Seal debuff, nullifying all buffs on the opponent and preventing them from gaining any buffs for 20 seconds.

    New Synergy:

    DIMENSIONAL THREATS with Dormammu and Thanos.
    Dr. Strange: Gains 1% of a bar of power every second.
    Dormammu: Heavy attacks cause a Fury buff, increasing his attack by 15% for 10 seconds (does not stack).
    Thanos: Buffs are 20% more effective and last 3 seconds longer.
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,440 ★★★★
    edited June 2019
    Hulk Buster (5/50 4 star maxed out + max Sig)
    New Sig Ability: Built For War
    The Hulk Buster Suit Has Been through many battles Improving Armor, attack, powerate, critical damage, and Physical Resistance which carry through each fight until the end, and can be obtained only once. Which means you can get each buff once in a quest.
    Defeat a Science
    +1506 Physical Resistance
    Defeat a Tech
    +1659 Armor
    Defeat a Skill
    +1576 Fury
    Defeat a Muntant
    + 2653 Critical Damage
    Defeat a Mystic
    +10% Powerate
    Immune To Bleed + Poison
    Passive Effect: Advanced Tech
    The Hulk Buster Was Designed For Exetreme Measures And Slowly Advances With Each Move Dodged In A Fight.
    + 152 Critical Damage
    + 1% Chance To Evade
    + 128 Fury
    (All Effects Are Passive, stack ten times, and don’t transfer to the next fight.)
    Passive Effect: Stark Tech
    The Hulk Buster With Each Special Attack Landed Gains
    +10% Prowess
    (Same as the last effect, Passive, stacks ten times, and don’t transfer to the next fight.)
    Sp1: Direct Impact
    Hulk Buster Gives The Opponent A Massive Charge Straight Towards Them!
    Armor Break - 1913 (10 Seconds)
    Concussion (15 Seconds)
    Sp2: Charge And Blast
    Hulk Buster Slams The Opponent, And Hits Them With A Repulsor Cannon!
    Hulk Buster:
    Fury +1542 (10 Seconds)
    Armor +1526 (10 Seconds)
    Shock -232 (10 Seconds)
    Stun (3 Seconds)
    Armor Break -2932 (10 Seconds)
    Sp3: Extinguish
    Hulk Buster Gives It His All For The Good Of The World!
    Armor Break -3235 (10 Seconds)
    Stun (5 Seconds)
    Heal Block (30 Seconds)
    Power Lock (10 Seconds)
    Power Drain (5 Seconds)
    Shock -462 (10 Seconds)
    Hope you guys like it tried to make him not super OP but someone you would use.

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