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Does anyone know if there is a chart or breakdown of each champion's signature ability improvement with each signature stone? I was about to awaken Darkhawk but learned he's only good with very high (almost maxed) signature abilities scores, similar to Omega Red. Other champs like Hyperion get most of their signature ability benefits at a lower score. Thank you in advance for the input.


  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 654
    Not that I know of anymore. However, I cringe when people say champs are only good at high sig levels. Sure, they are better, but I notice a big difference in sig 20 Omega vs unduped on my second account. Void, SW, CAP IW all get much better with higher sig but it's still well worth it to have them awakened. Plus, as you complete more content, EQ's and solo events you'll continually accrue more sig stones and can bring them up over time. don't ever let not being able to max them right away deter you from making the right choice; need to play the long game in mcoc
  • LeoGnarleyardoLeoGnarleyardo Posts: 295 you can just search a champ and it give you all their synergies
  • Wozzy101Wozzy101 Posts: 186 ★★
    This site was shown in one of Seatin’s videos. Really good at showing how increase in sig levels scales up
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    Thank you all for your posts. I did check out the website Wozzy101 mentioned and it is incredibly useful. I learned most old champs begin plateauing their sig abilities at about 25 to 30 while the newer champs have a slow gradual increase. I decided to awaken older champs as I do not have an abundance of sig stones to dump onto a champ after awakening. I decided not to awaken Darkhawk and instead awakened Ghost Rider at sig 25. Very happy with my choice. Thank you again, Wozzy101.
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    Because of the “Diminishing Returns” scaling that was implemented a couple years ago, many heroes indeed get decent Sig Ability stats at relatively low Sug Levels (like between 25-35). While maxing their Sig out will indeed let them reach their stats “Cap”, it is so incremental of a difference as you get very high Sig Level that often times (unless they are your primary use hero) those Stones are better used on some lower Sig heroes.

    And keep in mind that for some heroes, Dup'd status really doesn't make them that much better at all.
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    There’s a website with it on, something like aunt.mai.con or something, seatin did a vid about it with the link in his description so if you find that you can get the sute
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