Recent unscheduled downtime

Hello I was wondering if their would be some sort of compensation for the recent downtime we had. I had no idea about it and I was doing a epic stable rift and was unable to finish it. Their was no announcement beforehand and when u tried to go back on it said it was scheduled yet it was not. Please release some sort of compensation for this thank you. My username is Olliebear2bearo.


  • Olliebear2bearoOlliebear2bearo Posts: 40
    I feel like I’m not the only one who was doing something like this. I bet a lot of people were doing dungeons or A rift when this happened please @Kabam Miike do something about this
  • Please reach out to our Support Team about this matter. You can contact them via the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen within The Contest. From there, scroll to select 'Support'. If you have trouble contacting them from within game, you can reach them from HERE.
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