Emma on AW inverted controls node Q

Will an awakened Emma’s inverted controls cancel out the node’s already inverted controls?


  • RaiserRaiser Posts: 424 ★★
    no... still inverted. this is so weird. LoL
  • jilanibuxjilanibux Posts: 64
    This is a problem Kabam.
  • WayntosWayntos Posts: 583 ★★
    The node say attacker start out with inverted controls for the first 10 seconds, Emma invert controls when she uses a special. It would be wilds to see what happens if you did use a special with in the first ten seconds.
  • This is dumb. Does bleeding on a bleed node make me unbleed. No. Jeez.
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
    It should go back to normal. And its not dumb. Dumb is Blade causing a bleed immune robot to bleed.
  • ZjieeeZjieee Posts: 43
    Its just a debuff wich stacks. Emma on inverted stays inverted.
  • LordBeaverbrokeLordBeaverbroke Posts: 285 ★★
    It becomes fun and Interactive
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