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  • I just noticed the exact same problem everyone else is having. Was logged off for a couple of hours since I was at work and I got demoted from leader to a member. I’m One-Eyed Salami. As you can see in these pictures leadership changed hands several…
  • It’s a bug. That’s all there is to it. Masochism is taking all the duffs and healing for them when it should only be taking one. I’m disgusted on how many units I just wasted trying to take her down to get hit with this bug that made it impossible.
  • Read the masochism node. It says the next debuff triggered is removed. Not all debuffs already existing. If you don’t know how a node works don’t bother commenting. This is a bug no question.
  • But I had already spent around 800 units to take her down because she’s so defensive by the time I parry and trigger masochism she just dodged back all the way from the middle of the map to the wall and then won’t attack again until masochism can tr…
  • The exact same thing just happened to me. I had her at 40 percent health and she regen to 90 percent immediately