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  • I should clarify, by "ran through yesterday" I mean I got passed IW. I never completed the entire run though.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have video. I ran through it yesterday and didn't experience this. And yes, I apologize, I meant invisible woman.
  • No. I assumed that was the case at first, but it happens when her force field is inactive. Great point out though. I forgot to mention that.
  • Lol, okay. Please, continue to inform me of what I don't know since you know me so well. My expectations are not unjustified and are completely my opinion about the contents of the blade crystal. If you can't be bothered to explain then why even comment at all? Are you that determined to show people how ignorant you are?…
  • See, if you would have came to the conversation with this tone at the beginning we probably could have had a more civilized conversation. I have been playing this game for almost 4 years. The first 2 years, I played solo. No alliance or anything. And I didn't put a lot of effort into story mode. Hence my low level. Trust…
  • Again, your opinion matters little to me. I've been playing for a while myself. At no point in time did I say I wanted anything specific. I said the champion I pulled had no business being in the Blade featured crystal. I don't comment in the forums, so your point about people crying all the time is irrelevant to me.…
  • Lol. I love keyboard warriors.
  • I understand how featured crystals work. Thank you. Which is why I never do them. My point is this crystal isn't just a basic featured crystal. Was I expecting to be handed a Blade? No. However, there should be no reason why a trash champion is in this crystal. I would have just opened a regular featured crystal if I…
  • Pure trash! He shouldn't have even been in that crystal. Kabam is garbage. 15,000 shards is not easy to come by for a lot of people. Hard work and dedication just to be screwed over. They don't care.
  • Same has been happening to my alliance. Per Kabam's response to my report of the issue, it seems like this is happening to a lot of other alliances. They have been getting a lot of reports about it. They're "looking into it".
  • I am one of the officers for this group. Please feel free to reach out to me on the Line app as well. DeviousLover
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