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  • Solid side event, EQ is EQ, carina’s challenges, 7.2. This is not a month where I complain about boredom lol
    dans Boring ? Commentaire de Etm34 16 mai
  • I was kind of hoping it would be 25k chips per crystal. 2.5x increase with 2.5x the reward values. Accumulating 50k chips took me 48 rounds in the new featured arena. That’s a lot. But hey, guess I can just keep opening uncollected
  • Did someone really say Yondu needs a buff less than Starky?

    What we need is a 6* Starky. That would bring him more in the meta even with his current kit. If you want to buff tech champs that suck, Yondu, Rocket, Iron Patriot, Iron Man, G…
    dans Spider-Man SE Commentaire de Etm34 13 mai
  • For Shang Chi it’s gonna be over 120m easy
    For Falcon it’ll be over 90m assuming nothing changes with arena scoring.

    Gonna have to pick which grind you’re going for. I’m very interested to see how this will affect the unit grind as …
    dans Arena predictions Commentaire de Etm34 13 mai
  • Nah it sucks for me. I’ve opened 3 5* across 2 accounts and keep getting Karnak. Why is it always Karnak????
  • So I actually only have 10, but have 2 formed catalysts that are already reserved for champs I own (tech for Ghost, science for Torch). So I bumped myself up a bracket

    Currently it’s:

    Cull Obsidian
    Apocalypse <…
  • (Quote) Gotta save something for 7.3!
  • 150,000 6* Shards
    28 T3A
    21 T6B
    14 6* R2-3 Gems
    7 6* Awakening Gems
    1 6* Sig Stone
  • Kamala can nullify on specials if she has 3+ fury buffs.

  • Sasquatch cause he’s a Gamma Bro along with Hulk
    dans 4-5 Gem? Commentaire de Etm34 11 mai
  • Tomorrow we’ll probably get the official 7.2 post from Kabam with the included rewards. But yeah typically new act content drops 2 weeks after a new EQ
  • I was hoping for some word on this too. I wanted a T2A and T5B frag arena, but it doesn’t look like they’re ready to add this yet unfortunately
    dans Updated Catalyst arenas? Commentaire de Etm34 11 mai
  • So what you rank up a champ and automatically max them at that rank? You have an incomplete thought. Elaborate.
  • I hate all alliance events. AQ is an absolute snooze fest, but it’s the most important quest in the game. AW isn’t fun to play for me and the rewards for my gold 3 alliance don’t make it worth the time.
  • 200% power gain Magik in Variant 1 come at me now
  • I can do this all day - beat 6.3.6 using only Captain America OG
  • Pretty awesome. I underrated him until I started suicides. His damage is night and day then. I’d love to dupe my 6* but it’s just not in the cards yet. Enjoy!

    But I’m coming for your R3 number. Hoping to jump from 9 to 14 by month’s end!
    dans R3 #17 is this Tech God!!! Commentaire de Etm34 8 mai
  • Tough for me, but Magneto and Falcon are 1A and 1B. I voted Falcon just cause I knew everyone was going with Mags haha. Both went from 2 of the bottom 5 champs in the game to arguably top 3 options in their class.

    Shoutout to Colossus as…
  • (Quote) Take the vitality path and you’ll be topped up at 100% until you have to choose between daredevil or Jane/Gambit. It’s not bad at all. I roasted the ultron boss
    dans Loki 3* challenge Commentaire de Etm34 7 mai
  • I don’t believe they expire and you might be able to just leave it unclaimed in the challenge tab. I don’t want to give you that as a 100% answer though because I’m not entirely sure
  • Done 4/9. Will do the other 2 that aren’t LOL. F that.
    No screens, but rewards here:

    5* Kamala dupe
    6* Falcon. Super hyped for that. One of my top wants
    40% Mutant - formed a T5 going to Apocalypse
    20% Cosmic - up to…
  • (Quote) Electro can be soloed with awakened Loki. Gains power every 6 seconds. SP1 intercept. You’re gonna do like 400 damage to a 70k champ, but it’s possible. Just horrifically slow
  • I’ve done 4/9 of them so far, and I enjoyed 3.

    The 3* 5.3.1 path was fun demolishing everything with G2099. Torch to finish Mordo off and that was that.

    6.1.5 X-Men team was fun too. Took the left lane and Wolvie did most of t…
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 7 mai
  • Done some testing here with my 4* R3 Loki (don’t have my 3* past R1): if you face electro you can constantly throw your SP1 with minimal damage taken. You deal roughly 200 total damage out of a 65k health pool. To win that is a 30 minute fight, and …
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 6 mai
  • (Quote) We wanted a challenge. And we wanted a challenge that mainly allowed us to use our 6* R3 that we’ve busted out asses to get. We didn’t get that. Instead we got a 4* single champ restricted LOL with an enrage timer of 1 minute before we die…
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 6 mai
  • (Quote) They’ve only been released via CCP YouTube channels
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 6 mai
  • The mark has totally been missed here imo. A lot of these challenges are just designed unit dumps.
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 6 mai
  • (Quote) As an idiot with a R5 Kamala I’ve begun testing.

    There’s an iceman in the third fight of the path to the champion as well that’ll just KO you anyways. Fun stuff. Not really the test of skill most endgamers were looking for
    dans Carina's Challenge Commentaire de Etm34 6 mai
  • I would’ve rather had the Danger Room and Krakoa be separate fight stages. It causes an almost glitch-like effect to me. It’s not horribly distracting, but the animations seem choppy and definitely have the potential to throw me off in harder conten…