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  • There is no way, this CGR is absurd in damage, especially in S2.
  • Kabam will not change at willpower, it has no debuff that lasts the whole fight.
  • Jeez, R3, you owe a lot of resources remaining.
  • Her Signature Ability x200 is only 35%, since not changing, you have to increase this percentage, hopefully it is worthy of 6 * for R2 and even for R3.
  • This Hulk Immortal (who has nothing immortal), will probably gain an adjustment after 3 months of release, by the Reviews I saw, he has great potential, but his mechanics are very flawed, champion without sustainability, Rage o time is very short, if it increased by 1 second it would help a lot, in AW it is very risky to…
  • This Hulk Immortal, from what I saw of the Youtubers, he is a champion that nobody will practically use, mainly in AW and in defense, he is weak, bad for attack and defense too. Kabam has appealed too much to Cosmic Ghost Rider, is a Beyonder level champion, while Hulk Immortal is a failure. Among the Classic Hulk,…
  • So the classic Daredevil will stay for the next month? In order not to have so much work, his buff and another champion just adjust in numbers. The 2 Daredevil are champions to start the game, the classic has a good Signature Ability, but for those who have 5* and mainly 6*, nobody will be crazy to waste characteristic…
  • Beast is weak, but not among the worst in the mutant class, the synergy of Professor X and Apocalypse left many mutants that were useless in good champions, Mutant is the strongest class in the game. The champions that won the most buffs were the mutants, this year there is the Gambit that will have buffs, there must be a…
    dans Beast Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP septembre 2020
  • I prefer Daredevil (Netflix) than the classic, it accumulates armor breaks in the heavy attack and it doesn't have to be duplicated.
  • What a bad luck to have a useless 6*, still x80, one of the worst in the Skill class.
  • All champions added, many crystals are purchased, some are more purchased than others, I'm just giving a suggestion not to have champions that practically does almost everything, just like Ghost and Quake.
  • There are champions that are broken, it is the goal of all players to have them, I just need Quake. I liked that knight difficulty in the monthly, it made me use other champions that I didn't use. All champions must have their usefulness, very old champions, like: Ant-man, Daredevil who are useless and many others, it's…
  • I'm not complaining, they help me a lot, I'm just giving a suggestion for adding new champions, so they won't be broken.
  • I have the Doom 5* R5 x40, he and Magik are the best power controllers.
  • Counting on luck bad. I have 20 5* R5, only 6* bad, I have played in several alliances, many who started playing for a short time, there are 2, 3 or 4 5* R5, the 6* has few, but they are: Ghost, Corvus, Domino, Warlock, among others, several of the most tops.
    dans 6* Trash Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP septembre 2020
  • What are you complaining about? I have been playing since May 2015 and every time I open 6*, more and more, the desire to stop playing increases. The luck to do the missions are the 5*, the 6* rarely used.
    dans 6* Trash Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP septembre 2020
  • Moon Knight needs a Buff, but from the Skill class, Falcon is the worst in the class, but will win the Buff, the worst are the 2 Daredevil (the classic has dodge projectiles in specials, but who is crazy that will waste characteristic stones of 5* and mainly 6* in a useless champion, I think Daredevil Netflix better, at…
  • I don't know how people still complain (even if it didn't look good, remember that the 2 Magnetos were completely useless), Magneto White stayed very good.
  • Nova is only a defender, even the energy damage in his medium attack is weak, I think Kabam will not adjust to be used in attack.
    dans Nova Buff? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP août 2020
  • Scarlet Witch has been in the game since the beginning and still doesn't have the 5* version, I've been playing for 5 years and I know what she could do before the nerf. The 5* Quake, in high level AW, it is MVP and in individual missions too, imagine it 6* R3 and when it can evolve more than that.
    dans Imagine Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP juillet 2020
  • Quake is still early to have the 6* version and she doesn't need duplication, she already does almost everything in the game (but it is not for anyone who does not know how to use it).
    dans Imagine Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP juillet 2020
  • There it is written that he can have up to 30 passive furies, Sasquatch's synergy is to keep those furies passive for more fights.
  • What is updated? The kabam will still do his update, I did the test now and he cannot convert fury, if he is already 15 fury.
  • Civil Warrior has a very beautiful design, despite having a healing block and draining power in the S2, no one uses it missions and also does not want to take the crystals, as it has no potential for damage.
  • I can't understand, every improvement is welcome, Vision is a character dear to those who like the Marvel universe, I'm just talking about him having intangibility and increased damage as he increases his body mass, which is one of his main skills.
  • When did I speak Ultron? Ultron plays suicide, who becomes a good champion to play.
  • Magik, she doesn't hit hard, but she is the best power controller in the game.
  • Go on a mission, take the test of both and see which one kills the opponent with less hits, Vision has his immunities, power drain and healing block, his damage from medium attacks, light and heavy are very weak, and the damage in the very bad special, Vision 5 R5 kills the ROL's Winter Soldier with 300 hits, DPXF kills…
  • He wants to compare the relevance that Visão has at Marvel, with these two, DPXF is desired due to the synergy with Nick Fury and Omega Red. You are saying that you probably have these 2 of 6*.
  • Do you think Iron Fist needs improvement? The well-duplicated Iron Fist is better than these two Vision.