• Kkkkkk Aí sim. Vai Corinthians rsrs
    dans It is possible? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 3 nov.
  • I reported him via the in-game button
    dans It is possible? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 3 nov.
  • Apparently I'm going to have to open a ticket, kabam could at least pass this image on to those who work specifically against players who cheat. Are you Brazilian, too?
    dans It is possible? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 3 nov.
  • Opening a ticket takes much longer than it does here on the game forum. I hope kabam analyzes this player.
    dans It is possible? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 3 nov.
  • In the game, that, and in Marvel, Iron Man
  • The main Avengers, they have to be buffed. Avengers and Spiderman are Marvel's main ones. I was happy with the Iron Man OG buff, it's my favorite Marvel character.
  • I am Paragon. I don't understand, for those who buy the 3 pass, is Morbius guaranteed 7* or a crystal with a chance of coming to Morbius 7*?
  • None of the 36 7* champions are game-breaking. Mutant: Apocalypse, Archangel, Kitty Pride, Magneto and Omega Red. Skill: Kingpin, Mole Man, Nick Fury and Valkyrie. Science: Human Torch, Mister Negative, Quicksilver, Scorpion, Spider-Man 2099 and Spot. Mystic: Absorbing Man, Claire, Diablo, Doom, Rintrah and Tigra. Cosmic:…
  • If have any small tweaks on new champions, like Mantis. Kabam forgets about old champions, there are old champions that only need number adjustments that are simpler and kabam ignores just a small adjustment in a single new champion.
  • Is Overseer really good, or are you already wanting Kabam to send you Hercules or Ghost? Don't wait too soon, especially these two.
  • Hercules 7*, Ghost 7* and Quake 6*, the kabam has to take time to add, these three are game breaking.
  • Friday the Iceman changes should come out on the website, I hope the kabam gives an improvement from what it was in the beta version, it would be good when Iceman puts Frostbite on the opponent, when he puts another one, reset the cooldown to expire, to add more and deal good damage, similar to The Hood.
  • It's just going to be a small tweak to Mantis, the kabam could have put in another buff from some old champion.
  • Kabam started with 3 or 4 buffs per month, now it's only 1 and every now and then 2, instead of improving the buffs, they got worse. The buffs don't have to be among the best in the class, but they have to be at least useful, Spider-Man was a disappointment and the next disappointment will be Iceman.
    dans Spidey buff Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 3 avril
  • I was hoping it would change S2, by switching from only taking damage during S2's stun, had passive rages for about 12 seconds. Since this buff was weak, I hope Iceman's next buff has damage without needing the synergies. I saw the beta, and the YouTube videos were all about suicides and synergies. Without suicides and…
    dans Og Spidey buff? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 31 mars
  • I understood. After this challenge, I'm just missing the robots for Carina 3 100%, Carina 1 and 2 did less than half, it's not even worth the prize anymore. Will it be possible to make Nimrod's Terrax, using Sentinel Omega's synergy? Instead of shocking, does Nimrod incinerate or is it better to raise Dragon Man 5* to R5?
    dans Is it worth it? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 27 mars
  • I opened several free Paragon crystals and there were a lot of energy refills, in Act 3 I get revivers and energy refills, if these events are to be spent, I'm not wrong and go to Act 3 to get revivers, kabam shouldn't remove these revivers, we spend a lot of time doing this.
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  • I know how to use America Chavez, I think it decreases Thanos Nameless' power gain if he keeps using the heavy attack.
    dans Is it worth it? Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 27 mars
  • I have a Hercules 6* R4 duplicate and a Ghost 6* R3 duplicate. And these two together with Quake break the game, if I were kabam, I would increase the immortality time from 9 to 12 seconds, removing the immortality pause when attacking the opponent, I can go from 9 seconds to about 30 seconds of immortality, spending like…
  • Kabam will do what they were trying to fight, they will increase the number of arena bots, more hackers and they will increase the number of players by hiring mercenaries to do the events. Kabam, I ask you, what are you going to do to fight the hackers and mercenaries who are going to increase the quantity? About…
  • If kabam doesn't give a buff facilitating her damage build, then she's not worth investing.
    dans Captain Britain Commentaire de HenriqueSCCP 19 mars
  • It would be nice if the Frostbite was similar to the Hood's Hex, each new Frostbite you gain refreshes, accumulating more Frostbite to deal good damage when it bursts.
  • So far, the videos I've seen of the buff on YouTube, are full synergy, with suicides and with a class advantage against the Winter Soldier from ROL, they are very misleading. It's better to increase the damage on his kit, even nerf on synergies.
  • Spider-Man's test was unfortunate, it looks like the damage wasn't increased, the only thing was adding more debuffs.
  • It should have the beta, so we can analyze what has been improved.
  • But it's good to test in the beta, the kabam increases the damage very little, then the buff will be a disappointment. Iceman just needs to increase the damage, he hits very weak and they will put immunity to coldsnap and frostbite. If it's for immunities, kabam doesn't want to improve Iceman's damage well, it won't make…
  • But the kabam starts testing in the beta, 2 months in total, one month for the first tests and if it gets bad like Spider-man OG was, in the second month, the kabam makes the final adjustments.
  • I hope when Daredevil classic gets buffed, kabam will change his skin.
  • The evade chance is already very good at x200, it doesn't need to change. Not all buffs need to be among the best in class, but Spider-Man's one is unfortunate. To prevent the opponent from evade, instead of needing 3 S1, it should be 2 S1. And in S2 having just a little damage while the opponent is stunned is horrible,…
  • In defense he deserves to have a nerf, he already has absurd physical resistances or energy and with the doubling, an absurd regeneration, he is a champion that has few counters.