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  • Id go for IMIW. I was stuck between task and IMIW since task does lots of damage if he is played right and is much better when he is duped but IMIW’s dupe is a great safety net to fall on if things arent looking good and he is great for questing too…
  • I havent beaten collector but ive heard from a friend that domino took chunks out of him with the critical bleed with a duped 4* i think (max rank).
  • Wait for wasp before you do. 5*s are still 5*s but he isnt that good and is only a bit more useful when he is duped. Keep an eye on him but focus your 4*s first since they are better
  • Go for it. Not sure if many people know this but do a 5 hit combo into a sp1. The sp1 does enough hits to get you to somewhere around 45 charges. Its easy and i dont think he really needs the dupe to be very good.
    My 5* sentinel decimates muta…
  • Get a champ who can nullify the control rod then power drain him. I love using my duped hood against him. I dont know what uncollected is like but all i can say is to be patient and take a stagger champ to stop him dead in his tracks. If you dont ha…
  • get void. You will need him for the last boss anyway if you do get past guilly. Or a medusa like i did. 100% ability accuracy down with armor shatter so no cloak or regen. If all else fails then just dont use anything she is immune to otherwise you …
  • I wouldnt bother. Check the crystals out first and see what champs are in and if you see a lot you like then go for it. Just seems way too much even for a 5*
  • Honestly, medusa is the champ to use. Armor shatter reduces her ability accuracy by 100%. I didnt have to deal with any digi cloak or regen. Easiest master one shot of my life. Ive heard void is a good shout too with petrify. Get him for the final q…
  • She hulk has been buffed pretty nicely so, overall, she melts people with unstoppable (thing, UC, juggs) and competes against evade very well. I dont know much about hulk but i hope this helps.
  • Id use it on archangel. Getting a specific champ that good will take a while and AA’s neurotoxin is pretty good with damage anyway
  • A good team is a team that has a great rating, has synergys that help them and are duped. Having all champs as one class isnt usually a good idea since they can be affected by class advantage and champs with high health means that they lack damage …
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  • Is she duped? If so then get her up there. If not then think over it a bit. Rank 2 isnt really something to think too hard over though. Come back when she is around rank 3-4
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  • With the new buffs now in play, spider gwen is better at fighting champs with true strike buffs and who are superior (the unique class). Dealing more damage than before she now has a bit more utility and with her venom synergy she can also fight bac…
  • Unless you have any worse champs dont rank him up. He is only okayish for defence but thats about it
  • I did short path and did a few revives. Its honestly a game of baiting and dodging. If you have a power drain champ/ heavy damage champ it should work. Hood worked perfectly fine however i cant say his hex removes the buffs. The damage did well and …