Mordo-Champion Review

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Hello all!
This Review was requested by @Terra ! Thank you for the request and your constant support!
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Champion: Mordo
Class: Mystic

Overall Stats: Health: Good
Damage: Good, and can be increased by Fury's

Artwork: Mordo looks very accurate to the source materiel. In this case, Dr. Strange. He looks just like the actor and his costume is spot on.

Animations: Mordo's movements are very swift, flashy, and fun to watch.
His Sp1 beam is very basic, but it looks really good.
His Sp2 slows down time a little, which is unique to him. He doesn't actually slow down time, but the animation makes his opponent look like he is slowing down. Its hard to explain, but really nice to watch.
His sp3 is cool. He puts you into the Mirror dimension and tilts the whole arena. The opponent falls into a portal. Not the coolest looking portal (lots of mystics have portals), but still cool nonetheless.

Favorite Special: Sp2. It looks and feels amazing and is probably the most useful one.

Abilities and Powers: Immunity to AAR, which is really good. Nothing will change his chance of triggering his abilities.
Power Gain: Gains 1 bar over 5 seconds every 8 seconds. This is really reliable and is really good. Once hit, the power gain buff is removed.
Astral Evade: When stunned, the opponent cant hit him. If they do, he evades the attack and hits them with a Degen doing decent damage. He is basically stun immune, but this can be shut down if he has a concussion or fatigue debuff.
Mordo can block unblockable attacks after .5 seconds of blocking. This is really nice. Makes him a decent Collector counter.
Heavy Attacks: Gains power and Fury buffs. Max 10 buffs, which can increase his damage a lot.
Sp1 can stun and has Degen.
Sp2 gives a Soul Barb debuff, dealing energy damage per buff on the opponent. Buff heavy champs will take lots of damage on this special attack.
Sp3 gains more fury, but it isn't as strong. Pretty decent regen if it procs.
Sig ability: Protects more from Energy Damage. Not needed, but nice to have.

Synergies: Nothing too special. He is an older champion (2016), so he doesn't have much cool synergies.
Other newer champs have synergies with him, but it isn't specifically his, so I wont list them here.

Performance: His attack is ok. It doesn't do much, but when he charges heavy and gets 10 furys, his damage really goes up a lot.
The Degeneration damage isn't too big, but it does help in the long run.
Soul Barb is great, but cant always be used.
When he is in a matchup with many buffs, he is great. He gains lots of power fast, has great damage, and can be really annoying on defense.

Strengths: Buff Heavy champions (Silver Surfer, Venom, Bosses)
Weaknesses: Nullify Champions can get rid of his fury's really easily, which can shut down his damage out put

Suicide Friendly: No. He isn't immune to bleed or poison, and he gets power incredibly fast.

Rating: Attack: 7/10 (Domino 10/10 Groot 0/10)
Defense: 8/10 (Thing 10/10 Black Bolt 0/10)
Overall: 7/10

What do you like about Mordo? Dislike? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading and commenting. Your opinions are read and respected.


  • flygamerflygamer Posts: 312 ★★
    nice profile, one edit I see- his astral evade is also shut down with slow debuff and some champs can bybass it like IMIW.
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 766 ★★★
    Iceman’s coldsnap shuts down astral evade as well
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,245 ★★★★★
    edited January 2020

    Drenlin said:

    Iceman’s coldsnap shuts down astral evade as well

    Dang is that true!?
    It indeed is. Iceman's CS stops (almost) all evade. Even Mordos.
  • SpinterSpinter Posts: 57
    @XxLoganTDCxX another champion I’d like to see here is crossbones. He’s really underrated and fun to play imo
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,584 ★★★★★
    Personally I’d love to see a review on iw, I feel she’s massively underrated in the hands of the right player, and her safety net can be absolutely massive, finished full paths in act 6 and variants with her at near 100% health because of it
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★

    Suicide Friendly should be Yes because of the regen he gets on sp3.

    That regen has a chance to activate and doesn't heal much
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Spinter said:

    @XxLoganTDCxX another champion I’d like to see here is crossbones. He’s really underrated and fun to play imo

    Your request is at my command. I will make a crossbones review!
  • Elad17Elad17 Posts: 331 ★★
    I would like to see a silver surfer review and thing review. And last but not least Cull Obsidian and Namor reviews.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    @Elad17 I already did a review on Surfer. Click my name to see it.
    And I wont do the other two because they are getting changed soon.
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 2,630 ★★★★★
    Early in my mcoc career, he was my first 4 * rank 5 Mystic and while he didn't always have that wow factor compared to like a Scarlet Witch or Magik, I couldn't deny his utility especially with his astral evade and once I learned about his heavy stacking Fury Buffs, it was a total game-changer for me and his sp3 especially when my health was low saved my behind on more than one occasion. Still appreciate him.
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    Awesome job Logan
    Could you do one on voodoo
    I feel like people have been underestimating him
  • RoninManRoninMan Posts: 747 ★★★★
    His heath is actually poor. Damage is average at best.

    Also, he is immune to passive ability accuracy.

    He also can get hit by attacks when he’s stunned if you use a special. He only triggers astral evade against basic attacks.

    7/10 attack? IMO not even close. He would be lucky to break 5/10.
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