This is how to evade Dr Dooms L2

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So I’ve been watching a ton of YT war videos lately and players in super high tier AWs are still not fully evading Dr Dooms L2, then dying to it. Like wth? I thought it was simple enough. Takes a short while to completely nail but still, how is this not common knowledge yet? I made a video in depth breaking down how to do it with duel targets attached in the description.

Hope it helps somebody out there.

Edit: I do know that getting hit by it is still a possibility and that can instant kill you but it’s much worth evading the whole thing then to block it and die anyways.


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    Thanks for this, the visual prompters will help for sure - I'm about 50/50 success of evading him, this should help give me the edge
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    I think that it's good Kabam introduces champions with more trickier than usual specials.
    Dooms sp2 was a nightmare to evade back around release (hence why he was on power focus 2 nodes alot, iirc anyway) but now that people has gotten the timing down it's more manageable.
    It's a benefit to help reaction times and hand eye coordinaton.
    Great post btw OP. I'm certain some will be aided by it out there
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    i did it today in AQ and I was so proud of myself lol
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    When I dex his special 2 I do a double swipe back on his incinerate beam. It's so smooth and overall easier
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    If anyone have an Daredevil signature lvl 99 then make use of his evade mechanism when facing a new projectile type champions in the future to learn the opponent’s animation when it’s gonna shoot that beam and that throw. Daredevil will tell you when it’s time to dexterity when he evade. That’s a good way to learn the movement and then practice yourself with dexterity mastery by using other champion and get used to it.
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