Dark artifact crystal limits?

Can you buy the same crystal more then once? I bought the 5* death crystal the 1st time. I assumed it would refresh when it came back, but it says 0/1 limit still. In the original Q&A Kabam miike said:

“27k is a lot, but if you're able to hit every milestones every day, you should be able to get 3 of the 5-Star Crystals. You are able to purchase the crystal multiple times, so you could theoretically buy the same Crystal 3 times.”

Looking for some clarification.


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    ^^ need a clear answer about this too from Kabam, no one seems to know
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    I d like to know that too
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,156
    Wait what no this should of reset heres another one for you to sort out kabam.
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    Cannot buy the same crystal more than once. Spread the love around.
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    Oh wow, that’s some interesting piece of info...

    I cannot confirm, bought the genesis crystal in its 2nd round and have to wait a week until it comes back... But I totally planned to buy another one, once it does...

    @Kabam Miike , please confirm that this will be possible...
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    Can we get an answer please?
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    Did they limit the number of crystals because they don’t want people to realize the drop rates are stacked in favour if the ‘undesireable’ champs like IP?

    Do we have confirmation that the crystals drop each champion equal chance?
    3 of my alliance members and me all got Iron patriot from the evolution crystal.
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    They just keep closing them hi kabam don't forget we are real people just like you so when you tell lies such as saying we can purchase 3 of the same artifact crystal that fills us with hope so you cannot keep shutting us down all the time.

    Increase the limit to 2 or 3 to cover up your previous false information.

    We don't want to be redirected to one of miiikes old comment for more info (don't forget he did kinda start this) we don't need more info we need to purchase more dark artifact crystals like you originally stated we could do.
  • You are unable to purchase the same 5-Star Dark Artifact Crystal more than once. However you can purchase one of each type such as Death, War etc.

    For further information on this topic, please see this post.
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