incursions needs an update

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when incursions was changed and we got zone 8, with all the 6* shards and increased gold and 5* shards i was super happy, back then the game was shifting towards a 6* dominated meta with R3 champions coming in, yet 5* champions were still somewhat valuable to get for all players.

however now the game is very much in a 6* meta. not that 5*s are useless but for a lot of players, especially those who can complete a zone 8 incursion 6*s are really the focus of growing their accounts (myself included).

as incursions stands it is just a way of getting gold and ISO by buying 4* crystals and completing incursions and getting some juicy shards. however i feel like incursions as it stands needs to change in either one of two ways.

way 1 is is to lean into the champion acquisition route, and offer higher quantities of rewards, most namely 6* shards for players, it can be based on the number of champions a player has, for example players with 15 6*s get the option of buying 5k 6* shards for 10/15k artifacts, anything but 2k for 32k artifacts i mean in todays world that’s nothing for the amount of work that one has to do to get it.

option 2 which is a route i would much like to see kabam take is to see it become the go to mode for ISO and gold, maybe making the gold rewards for zone 7 and 8 a flat 50k for all zones and also adding a T5/6 class ISO selector i. the store. currently the mode is useful for gold and ISO but one has to invest hours and hours to get to a high sector in a high zone, especially more annoying when you have to play with random’s 90% of the time who aren’t the most consistent players. and after that grinding, if i want a specific classes iso it’s a 1/6 chance on the basics or i could buy a *limited amount* of specific crystals for an increased price.

i think incursions are possibly the least played game mode (i may do a poll after this post and post the results below) purely because it’s often more stress than it’s worth dealing with random players and, past a certain point, some potentially quite difficult fights (i’ve definitely experienced some horrible bosses), and any changes most namely improving the consistency of rewards, any way that kabam wants will put at least 1 player in the game mode.


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