T1 Alpha Catalyst Daily Quest

Since t1 alphas are harder to acquire since it costs huge amounts of them to rank up 5 stars, im proposing a new weekly quest that will solve that issue.

- There will be 4 paths in this quest. Each path has 10 tiles and each tile will cost 4 energy.

- Opponents in this quest will range from r3 5 stars to r1 6 stars. Each path will be buffed randomly every week.

- Each path contains 1* - 4* chests that has a chance to obtain t1 alpha fragments or rarely, a fully formed t1 alpha catalyst.

- This quest will run every sunday (the same time as the free-for-all catalyst quest). The rewards are as follows;

700 t1 fragments
1 t4 genetic iso 8

100% Exploration:
1400 t1 fragments
1 t4 generic iso 8


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