Some items are displaying erroneous star ratings. This seems to be happening most on items where typically there are no star ratings. We have found the cause for the issue and it will be resolved, targeting mid-late next week.

T1 Alpha Catalyst Daily Quest

Since t1 alphas are harder to acquire since it costs huge amounts of them to rank up 5 stars, im proposing a new weekly quest that will solve that issue.

- There will be 4 paths in this quest. Each path has 10 tiles and each tile will cost 4 energy.

- Opponents in this quest will range from r3 5 stars to r1 6 stars. Each path will be buffed randomly every week.

- Each path contains 1* - 4* chests that has a chance to obtain t1 alpha fragments or rarely, a fully formed t1 alpha catalyst.

- This quest will run every sunday (the same time as the free-for-all catalyst quest). The rewards are as follows;

700 t1 fragments
1 t4 genetic iso 8

100% Exploration:
1400 t1 fragments
1 t4 generic iso 8


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