What I think is Sentry's problem and possible solutions.

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I got a Science gem from 5.3.

I went for sentry.. I got Sentry in one shot.

I awakened Sentry.. He's at Rank 2/35 now. I will take him to rank 4/55 because of his prestige and my overflowing tier 2 alphas.. But.

Playing with him for the past 2 days, I am hardly satisfied.. Come on Kabam THIS IS SENTRY.. Even if he's not at full power, at half power, Sentry is still way more powerful than the likes of Hyperion.. Or even blade. We're talking about a guy that fought World Breaker Hulk to a stand still. This is not Carnage. Carnage is just a human with a symbiote.. It's understandable​ why he (Carnage) might be weak but THIS IS SENTRY!!

My thoughts -
I think the idea for him with "State of mind" stances/modes and all is great but the problem, they don't proc much..

What could be done -
1. Increase the chances from 30% - 60%..

2. Decrease the amount of combos needed to gain a reality warp from 40 - 10. That's right. For every, change of stance, he gains a new reality warp.

3. Increase his SP1 fury damage​. I've fired multiple SP1s and it doesn't stack. Increase the attack increment from the fury and make it stack.

4. Increase the armor reduction with his SP2 armor break.

5. Let SP3 inflict fear of Void, without having Void in your team. Going for void just because I have Sentry is not great.

I think his base attack is alright. I believe it'll actively balance his "should be" overpowering mechanics. I'm playing with a 2/35 and typical hits are OK but not what you'd expect from sentry.. I mean come on.

This champion's mechanics have the potential to be great but I believe what's holding him back are the %.. They're just so low, it might as well not exist..

THIS IS SENTRY. Please don't ruin a fan favorite. I want to enjoy playing a character I love not just ranking him​ because he'll get me into alliances. We're talking about Sentry.. He should be decimating everyone else. His damage should be on par and even much higher than Thor's. I've used a 5/50 Hyperion to destroy opponents with 100K+ Health in 30 hits (mostly because his heavy adds a lot to the combo meter). Sentry should be able to do that in less hits.

Either this or give us a free 5* Void for those who have the 5* Sentry. WE DON'T WANT RANK DOWN TICKETS. Just improve his stats.. The chances for ability to proc and he'll be SENTRY.


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