Let's talk about the MCOC game lore... help me to expand on this!

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Here's the summary of my understanding of the lore of the Contest of Champions
Required Knowledge
  • Basic Understanding of Acts 1-4 (act 1 not so much but you learn basic stuff about the game so whatevs)
  • (from what I've read) 5.1 and maybe some more of act 5 text stuff (I haven't progressed past 5.1.5 yet :neutral: )
  • Cutscenes at the end of 5.2 and 5.4
  • All story from the Age of Sentry Event Quest (watch Mvinceable's run of that quest if you didn't read it when it was on)

Around 3 billion years before the events in Acts 1-5 of MCOC story mode, Taneleer Tivan(later known as the Collector), En Dwi (last name is Gast, according to the comics) (the Grandmaster) and Carina (daughter to the Collector) go on an expedition to 'the Unknown' (later known as the Battlerealm/Battleworld. Carina goes exploring a bit more than she should have and ends up turning into a sort of iso8 crystal and shattering afterwards, whilst the ship that the Collector and Grandmaster were on gets badly damaged/destroyed. Something about them encountering a Celestial or something.
The Collector leaves En Dwi behind, probably to gather all of Carina's fragments (this is probably the Collector's 'reasons for taking over the Contest'). This is likely the 'betrayal' that the Grandmaster speaks of in Act 5, the one that 'made him who he is today', and the catalyst (pun not intended) for his later 'revenge'.

Between then and the time of the Story Mode, the Collector keeps searching for fragments of her daughter, due to him believing that he can restore her to her former self.

The Contest of Champions was originally compromised of 12 champions, including Sentry/Void, Hyperion, Thor and Moon Knight. The other 8 are still anonymous (and dead. I guess that doesn't help either). The Maestro forces them to battle, even after the Collector notices that the Sentry was too powerful (huh. He's not that great in the game iirc. Weird). The 8 unknown champions are killed as a result. Sentry is basically kicked from the Contest after that, but the Collector makes use of him in order to find the last pieces of his daughter. But he doesn't return.

By about now, we're pretty close to the events of the Story Mode Campaign. But here's a summary of it anyway.
  • Act 1 and 2 - You fight against Kang the Conqueror, and beat him, finding out about the existence of Maestro as the Contest's 'benefactor' afterwards due to a bargain set between him and Thanos
  • Act 3 - Thanos betrays you (no surprise there, am I right?). And then you fight him, cause you're the only thing standing between him fighting Maestro (hmm... who do you think would win?)
  • Act 4 - Maestro goes away for a small 'vacation' cause of this Genesis Stone stuff... He returns to overthrow the Collector and get rid of you. You beat him and then Thanos punches him and steals that Infinity Stone from him.
  • Act 5 - Collector vs. Grandmaster! The Grandmaster has returned and wants revenge against his brother (probably for leaving him behind, as discussed earlier). After you beat the Collector (and get that sweet Uncollected status), the Grandmaster stuffs the Collector into a Crystal and then pits you against Ultron. (sorry I don't have much knowledge of Act 5 yet. Plz help me expand this). And yeah the champions discover the crystal form that is Carina
And yeah. Now you get to the final cutscene in the Age of the Sentry Event Quest. Supposedly after some of the events of Act 5, the Grandmaster meets with the Collector to give him the final piece of Carina (yeah I dunno how to describe it exactly; it sounds weird no matter how you put it tbh). And yeah I really look forward to seeing the whole story being resolved in Act 6, whenever that comes out.

If you have something you want to add to this explanation of the lore, please remember to put it in spoiler tags.
And also, I'd like to hear your thoughts on how this story is gonna be resolved at the end of Act 6, if it ever comes out. Again, spoiler tags cause you'll probs have to reference the existing story to talk about your suggested resolution.
And to the current iteration of Kabam, I say this: PLEASE DON'T MESS UP when you release Act 6. I know it's a lot on your shoulders, but I believe that you'll be able to do it justice. And PLEASE remember that this is the main story, so it should be something everyone can complete without chucking hundreds of dollars your way...


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    The whole idea of the stones was expanded somewhere (not sure where exactly), but especially with the Black Panther event, where in an alternate universe Killmonger had formed the Infinity Claw, and so the purpose was for BP to go there, defeat KM and take the Infinity Claw so that he could fight Thanos who already had an Infinity Gauntlet...or smth. The battle kinda broke something and the stones were scattered, but then they got prank'd and Thanos actually got the whole gauntlet again, then they fought and defeated Thanos and turned him to stone (or smth). Then because he was down, crime spread and the last that we see is that Red Skull was planning something with the cosmic cube, but we don't know what...

    The biggest problem is that most people skip the story (which sucks), idk they just aren't interested and there's no resources I can find which contain the story.
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    ShadPrince wrote: »
    The biggest problem is that most people skip the story (which sucks), idk they just aren't interested and there's no resources I can find which contain the story.

    Yeah it's sad. Story can be really interesting, and it's not just MCOC. I've seen it in a number of games...
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    So true we need a proper compilation of all event and story quest arcs
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