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    Ebbtide wrote: »

    ... what happens when two Juggernauts face each other, like in Arena? In the initial few seconds of the fight, when they are both Unstoppable, are they just meant to clobber at each other?

    Yep. It's fun.

    Good question about mesmerise.

    I hate mesmerise.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 1,835 ★★★
    Ebbtide wrote: »
    Thor (Ragnarok):
    -Crashes Arena fights when winning, locking the screen and forcing a restart. May have the same affect in Quests, but I don't use him there so I'm unsure.

    That's a problem with his Hela synergy. It's because of an issue with his final blow being the trigger for his regeneration. Doesn't happen if you don't have Hela on the team; so just avoid teaming them up in the arena and you'll be fine.

    It is on the known issues thread, and will hopefully be fixed at some point.
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    edited September 2018
    So is it symbiote supreme or venom the duck the curveball champ of 2018?
  • Is the Symbiomancer event starting today or on the 3rd?
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,070 ★★★
    So being that juggernaut ‘s power comes from his helmet...

    No it doesn't.
  • Can we expect the information on the new event quest to be released at some point today?
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    @Kabam Miike when is the update being released, it is the 1st of October and nothing in the app store for update?
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    You know the look of the Symbiote Supreme looks awesome. So cool. But really? Venom the Duck? I mean this is worse than the original Howard the Duck. I’d love to see who was requesting ANOTHER Howard the Duck addition to the game. That made me shake my head harder than when the original HtD was introduced. You couldn’t have Symbioted any other champ? Maybe Abom, WM, BW, or SW?
  • Very good the kabam is overcome every month,leaving the game great
  • Darkar123 wrote: »
    @Kabam Miike

    Will the Juggernaut buff apply to LoL Juggernaut or will he remain unaffected?

    Bump, since this question hasn’t been answered by a mod. And with regards to LOL I would like some clarification before I consider even attempting another run at it.
  • Venom seems bugged. If you start a fight against a champ that has less than 18% health he does not get the new true strike buff. @Kabam Miike Shouldn't he get it at the start of the fight if this is the case?
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 137
    Well I just ran the latest small patch/update I'm guessing it was just some character bug fixes but man am I glad they didn't try to address the lag situation, I wouldn't have known what to do if the game didn't lagree everytime u throw a punch.
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    What's happening on the loading issue? And by when you guys are going to resolve that. It's a big issue, in place of bringing content please address this first.
  • PiviotPiviot Posts: 306
    I still get the 2-5 seconds of not being able to do anything at the start of the fight, and your symbiot buffs are not working

    You say you fixed the freezing issue that’s a lie

    We have to give a item items we earn to get the buffs for the symbiot and yet they don’t work. THANK YOU. So much
  • The next beta test ? any info ? which champions will be in the next beta test ?
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 137
    I really wasn't sure where to post this comment, I didn't really see the perfect category but anyway, why problem isn't with this version is more with the game overall. I really feel like if u can't or don't play each match perfect ur never gonna be more than a mediocre or average player, some fights I do well in but it really seems like if u get hit with 1 combo when ur trying to fight on epic or sym (this month) or say expert or higher in the occult labs your finished. So u basically have to fight perfect or spend your rent money on revives which I refuse to do, I refuse to buy my way to being considered good at a game I play on my phone. This has been my biggest frustration with this game and it's really got me ready to just throw in the towel and find something else to do with my down time.
  • Genghis_SlimGenghis_Slim Posts: 20
    Don’t sweat it’s definitly BS. Master and Epic are damn near IMPOSSIBLE to clear without potions, when you factor in undoubtedly ridiculous buffs like ‘200% power gain on a 5/6 Star Hype or OGV...and I like to think I’m pretty darn gd lol...It’s out right the stress and take the easy 4 star shards. 5 star shards are givin away for the next few days...My guess is that it’ll be preeeeetty hard to clear....coincidentally of course lol
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