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  • You win...nothing
  • Think of the state of games market: EA’s lootbox controversy, activision blizzard, SquareEnix. They aren’t going to change...this is the future of gaming and the reason why I never upgraded past PlayStation 3. That’s why I went to mobile because I thought it was a smaller scale. Now I know it’s actually worse because only…
    en Kabam's Vision Comentario por Chris9 julio 2018
  • Mobile games’ business model as a whole is unsustainable; just like actividion’s patent on live services where their profits depend on players committing to just one game...the companies that make “enough changes” to temporarily satisfy the player base can buy some time. But it’s a tug of war...basically they make as much…
  • @Ad0ra_ @kabam miike I think both you and players had a chat like this several months ago during a very long server outage as well. But that didn’t last long, unfortunately. I think some ppl think you guys don’t play because sometimes you say things that are probably more PR than your personal opinions. Also, the only…
  • So any one of you”whale out” for this game? Some people throw down a heap of change in the game. Yeah, some folks in tech will get carrier deals through their employer, but most employee’s benefits are through ESPP and the like. Minimum wage jobs usually supplement with “benefits” like free or reduced lunch meals in food…
  • 1) I see that Adora_ and Kabam Miike have the “flag” option, are you on user/non-admin accounts? I thought mods didn’t have the flag option. Not that I would, of course 2) Adora_, what does that mean? That mods use their own server to play alliance wars or are mixed in with general public. I am going to resist the urge to…
  • Why is your twitter set to private? I thought we would get more transparency and interaction with the team? @marvelcontests isnt fact lots of employees from thousands of companies make themselves available.
  • When are the devs going to become available on the forums? You say that it takes away time from them, yet every major dev does it. Also, can we have a group of folks that give you requests of what WE want? Basically like a start point, whereas you at least know what our goals are
  • You guys have no idea of negotiations why are you throwing out numbers like that....totally irresponsible. Never start throwing out prices like that dude I sure won’t spend that kind of money
  • If she is awakened take her all the way up bro! Power control champs (especially those that gain power themselves via mystic dispersion) are still useful in every mode of play - especially All or nothing which is coming to AW and even RTTL