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  • Will be able to by the deal online separately from the deals in game or are they tied together? Because that would be cool if we could get all 4 online deals of each and all 4 of each in games @kabamJax
  • Ya I just and read it again. I totally read that wrong. We lose one for a lose and gain 2 for a win.🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Oh I thought they changed to help move through the levels. I’m not 100% sure but I thought I read it on discord that they were changing the structure on loses to to keep players discouraged from playing. Maybe I read it wrong haha. Not sure.
  • Off topic here but I thought we are supposed to get 1 token for losing and 2 for winning. I’m not getting any tokens nor did my opponent for winning. Is a visual bug? I don’t know if I’m moving up or down. I won a match and didn’t get the tokens either.
  • I’m totally disappointed in these crystals. I normally don’t say much about the crystals cause I know it’s RNG. But GD! I have opened 70 of them and not 1 7*. I get 1 7* out of that many. So don’t by them. Wait the 3 months and get the free stuff. I sure regret buying them and supporting Kabam when I all I feel like is…
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  • Especially for valiant players
  • Oh man! Thank you! I didn’t even catch this. I bought the 6* bundle because of the 5 immunities. Now I want a refund and rank down tickets. I took my arcade to r5 and 100 sigs. I’m pissed now
  • I don’t get it. I know how to intercept well. But in this fight I can only intercept onslaught less then half the time. He intercepts me almost every time. You have any YouTube content I can check out?
  • This onslaught is by far the worst fight. But for Kabam to make us use DKG on him that was just wrong. They could picked a fbettwr fight for DKG. I don’t expect this fight to be easy but damn! This fight with DKG is worse than the abs robot fight. Way worse. I’m 3 energy refills of practice still cause I can’t get him down…
  • Drops rates sucks for me all the time. I opened 45 of those magnetron crystals and not 1 7*. Main all 5*’s, 4*’s and a handful of 6*’s. I was so pissed I didn’t get 1 7* out of 45 of this crystals. 10-15 of showed no 7*’s while spinning either. Does that mean something?
  • Doesn’t sound like valiant really got a bump in rewards for raids. Just there own crystal or slot for a pop reward. Why even do it if valiant aren’t getting better rewards…..
  • Especially when the prompt does the 4 med 3 times in a row. That’s so annoying.
  • Ya like dude said above. I bought crystals from web store.
  • Yes. I tried both.
  • I’m so pissed! I opened 35 and not 1 7*. Kabam hates my account.
  • Same here
  • Oh great. No I do not underestimate Onlsuaght. Especially no one is immune to his Neuroshocks. Ya that will be a horrible fight.
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  • Hello No! Neither would break the game. Look a champs like serpant. He is by far on of the hardest defenders to beat along side Bulleyes. A 6* Magik and Quake would be just fine. Especially with how close we getting to r4 7*’s. Which should health pools in 80-90k’s and 100k+ with boost. While a 6* would be at or around…
  • I’ll do whatever I have to fix things on my end. I just wish Kabam would do the same. All in all I’m stoked about the fiber optic. Right now we run 7 devices all long in my house hold. I’m pretty I lag with my upload speeds especially knowing Xfinity upload speeds is a fraction of their download speeds. I never realized…
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  • That’s correct. The crystal that comes with the daily deal online is the superior mystic crystal or something like that. It’s only 5-7* tho just like the valiant one. And they been doing that for a min now. I move never a 7* from one lol. Wish I could say I have. I’ve had better luck with regular paragon crystals the those…
  • Honestly I’m not sure. Here an example of what’s it’s doing. After an opponents special, when I go to punish it I can. I’ll swipe and my champ just stands there. Ives swiped up to 3/4 time and nothing. It does the same thing if I try to intercept. In raids it did it every time I tried a medium ending combo with storm. Some…
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  • @The_only_leader thats what I was going to. Thanks man. People should practice what they peach before they run off at the neck. But that is how internet warriors do it. I sent my ticket to support, and on discord. No reply Kabam team on discord. And support told before I sent the video it’s not possible. Then I sent the…
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  • Ya I figured the speed run is done for good. I just want the tile and will fight for it any other way. I missed the incursion ones. If they bring it back through incursion again I’ll get it
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  • I can not play my champs the way they are designed to. So now I just play to lose which sucks because I can’t move up just losing. I hope Kabam fixes BG’s. I doubt they will. They hardly do anything to address stuff. But if it effects the money flow I bet you it will get them to speak real quick
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  • It was because of strange iron man was able to get the gaunt from Thanos and snap his finger. I still think it should have been Hulk so Iron man didn’t die. Hulk had a fighting chance to live. I’m still mad they killed off Iron man. I loved his character. And it just blows my mind how Kabam makes these characters so weak…
  • ****Dr Strange is way under powered. He is by far ONE of the most powerful characters( not the most powerful). ****Phoenix Black bolt Rogue Spider-Man classic Odin(he’s a God) ***Thor(He’s a God) Deadpool Scarlet witch classic( she should be one of the most powerful females in the game) ***Thanos is one of the most…
  • How was 9.1? Fun, hard, or both?
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  • What I want to know is, why is Wong stronger and better than Dr Strange in game? Dr Strange is by far more powerful than Wong. Dr strange definitely needs an amazing buff. I like him him a lot. Just not in the game.
  • I hope so. I’m only missing 1 piece