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  • @JamesBond_007 Tell Thai to them bit me, and don't you dare try to message me again.
  • @Etjama After all this time when I left forums you still messaging, you are not gonna leave me alone. He was my alliance member you are talking about, I left playing for a while. He once commented for me. Talk to him not me. And if you want to message, message him @JamesBond_007 can you please explain them.
  • @"Kabam Miike" Is this legal. I though this was against forums rules. Close this thread because they had just made this thread all about hate and personal attacks. They are not giving anyone advice, what they are doing is just try show that they know more than anyone.
  • @"Kabam Miike" Is this legal. I though this was against forums rules.
  • Practice his playstyle against Variant 2, Variant 3 , some recent act 6 and against this expedition, if you find him comfortable then rank him up. But in my opinion he is worth ranking up.
  • All I can say you won't regret, he is still a good champion and you ajve a baisc synergy that is Ghost rider, he is very good for 6.1 and 6.2 because most of the bosses in 6.1 and 6.2 are villains example. Sabretooth, Ultron, Ghost, Loki, Crossbones (Obviously you won't us ehim against this boss but still not the worst),…
  • If you run Suicides Corvus is the best cosmic in the game, if you run Suicides and you have nick fury synergy then CMM can compete him, the only problem is she relies on Nick fury synergy. Without Suicides no doubt Hyperion is the best cosmic in the game. Those who are saying Corvus are correct because they are saying from…
  • First of all never use Claire on poison phase. Only hellfire. I have never used Claire on poison and bleed phase unless I am playing against biohazard nodes. And yes that looks like a bug because buff immunity debuff means no buffs. I think it is just a one time bug it won't happen I call it a glitch. But still for tip…
  • Omega Red needs high sig. You won't believe me 2 mk this ago my 4* rank 5 sig o9 omega red was doing more damage than my sig 100 5* rank 4 omega red.
  • You have to rely on parry that means, you have change playstyle with Ghost.
  • I enjoy playing with Ebony Maw.
  • Flow was never a problem for me. I always used void against MOJO, the only annoying thing about MOJO is his degeneration.
  • @Netbreaker I know what you are trying to say but trust me there are some new players who don't know this trick. And it's 2020.
  • You are going for cavalier you definitely need Warlock especially for that Crossbones. CMM is very good but I won't use her without Nick Fury synergy. It effects her too much. But you can't go wrong either way.
  • I am planning to do Abyss on 25th July with Aegon, Colossus,Omega Red, Sorcerer Supreme and Void. I will make video on that as well. I will be only using Colossus for almost all the fights. I am only bringing Aegon as a backup option for Collector. Just pray that I get to 1000 units before 25th July.
  • @Octoberstack You know what I don't want to fight over such a small thing because you always do insults like this nothing new here. And stating facts hun" You mean my opinions are worthless". Same thing I can state for you. But I am not like you. I'll ignore every comment from now
  • @lowlevelplayer My alliance member uses unawakened magik with max Suicides and she works fine, you can also try it out. If it don't work then come to me. Because right you are asking no sense,byou are repeating same over and over again. Which I already said it is long enough to recover.
  • @Sceptilemaniac And after tons of messages you can't understand then discussion was about that if someone don't have any good mystic for abyss and they have magik then magik can also work from abyss.
  • @lowlevelplayer Magik limbo has very high chance to trigger. With one bar of power her limbo has less chance to trigger but with 2 bars of power she has almost 100% chance to trigger limbo and bit to mention she also triggers limbo when she throws special attack. Anything else.
  • I am saying this right here, this is about Magik vs Abyss. Magik is good abyss option, there are videos of magik in abyss on YouTube you can watch them. DarkZodiac did abyss with Magik. And if you are still just passing time because there is no other threat you can give your opinion than I will ignore you, if this is just…
  • @lowlevelplayer I red and like I said it won't effect magik. And if you are not satisfied then just use awakened magik. But since all her damage cones from limbo I bet everyone will be using her awakened because it's not just about special attack damage hits also count. But like already said it won't effect her too much.
  • @lowlevelplayer Doesn't effect her too much magik have natural abilitiy whenever she activates special attack she activates limbo as well. This you can try as well I tried worked fine and don't tell me you are telling that to run Suicides without will power.
  • Let me rephrase that "MAGIK IS GOOD ABYSS OPTION" happy @Lvernon15 or now you will try to find something new to fight.
  • @lowlevelplayer Magik limbo makes her Immune to recoil damage. Now who is trolling. She regens all health back while in limbo.
  • @HI_guys @Haji_Saab oh so that's all this about. You can't move forward from Claire and Doom discussion. My advice to both of you is to move forward. This thread is all about that magik is good for abyss. But your comments seems like you are just passing time.
  • @Haji_Saab When you have nothing to offend this is what you do. And I did agreed that IW can't counter Korg later. But like I said you love wasting other's time. And insulting and offending without reason is against forums rules. Understand. Speak for yourself first.
  • @Notsavage19 best option but not the top option. Best means good, more than good. But not top. So again I am asking if magik can be use in abyss then they are so triggered. I just googled it and it said best means desirably good, close to excellent but not excellent.
  • @will-o-wisp Exactly that's what my point is that she is an option. What I don't get is why they are so triggered if magik is being useful in abyss. I mean this is illogical, if magik can be use in abyss then why are they so triggered.
  • @pseudosane Jealousy and hate no one is talking to you. This post is o my fir those who are planning to use magik in abyss. Same thing I can say everyone ignore this hater. He hates everone who disagrees to him. You can check other posts oh him. Don't pretend that you are different and don't start here I wasn't even…