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  • I've mentioned it in support before to have it put in. Didn't get a response
  • Still would be much easier if it was part of the in-game options as opposed to following a bunch of links to get it put through
  • I've heard and continue to regularly hear many times in the past 8 months still to today people wanting to suggest silver surfer and mystique to enter the contest. I imagine it will be awhile before either of them is added as the xmen event was recent as well as the infinity war part 1 event. Because of that, i would like…
  • Wow, just wow
    en Death Squads Comentario por Maldorov julio 2018
  • I completely agree, I've always wanted a dumb name that still somehow was good
    en NAME CHANGES? Comentario por Maldorov julio 2018
  • We'd all be in some deep **** trying to get around each other. Others would never stop suggesting things like Batman and Chuck Norris
    en New character Comentario por Maldorov julio 2018
  • Nope, still needs a buff and he could seriously use a change in animation for his s1. Way easy to see when he's going to use it
    en BUFF COLOSSUS Comentario por Maldorov julio 2018
  • The synergies of the unholy trinity ought to be adjusted to move away from it being the apex team already consisting of 3 god tier champs, 2 of them being the in the top 5 champs overall
  • Lol, the unholy trinity. But yes, in every gr thing I've ever known, he was actually attracted to spreading fire with himself at the very center of the spreading. He is an immortal demonic angel of fire with a flaming skull amd fire abilities, he should have fire absorbtion similar to red hulk but not quite the same. As to…
  • They should always be around, but 2 things different. 1, they have more time to complete each room and fight. 2, the rewards being varied based on difficulty and the room number in each difficulty. Phc for dungeons 1-2, dungeon 3 with 3* shards, 4 with 4* shards, 5 with 5* shards, and 6 with some 6* shards starting at room…
  • The idea of them being playable in each class isn't so great, everyone hates to fight them because they're annoying and in aw that would dramatically increase because of the nodes they could be placed on and more so annoying in the higher tier alliances. So ok idea, but really bad turnout.
  • That said, this has content that hasn't been covered quite as much in full, such as addressing that ONLY heavy hits should be able to break past a block as that is part of the basic mechanics that is taught upon downloading the game in the first place. Also, she has WAY too many passive effects for any 1 champion to have,…
    en Domino Comentario por Maldorov junio 2018
  • Whales don't conspire with each other to an end goal of locking people out of arenas, to do that would just be childish
  • The real definition of a whale is someone who spends so much time, energy, and MONEY on a regular basis to get what they want from the game. Player rating has no real say in who is and isn't a whale. The whales won't care so much when they can just go get him from a crystal because if the whales really wanted him, they…
  • Let me say this, i don't care about IMIW, i duped my 5* blade on the 3rd crystal. Granted I'm uncollected and spent 1500 units on 5 of the 3*-5* crystal for IMIW, also got and duped 3*s of PM and CG