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  • I have no problem giving them to him either. I have him in 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*. He was once useful a long time ago, in a battlerealm far, far away from now. Lol.
  • If your not going to allow us to sell them, make them worth using. Worthless item when experience is maxed. Used to be at least good for a little gold. Come on kabam.
  • I can't even log in today. Its been a nightmare. Game crashing every time I turn around. Tried running arena some yesterday then every team select team would freeze. Now just spins. 😡
  • Rhino, and red Cyclops. Seemed like almost everyone in my alliance back then pulled a rhino for first 5*. That was when they had not been out long and there weren't many choices. Red cyclops was good for perfect block team back then, of course they did away with that, so back to the shelf. Rhino back then was at least…
  • en Meme Thread Comentario por TBKlann noviembre 2020
  • I'm having same issue, have to restart game every time I change from one area of game to another, and forget arena, every select team screen freezes.
  • -Game Name: TBKlann Device and Model: Galaxy Note 9 Device Operating System: android 10, one ui 2.5 Cellular or WiFi: both Game Version Installed: latest Game Mode: All Description of the Issue: long load times, game freezes. Spins at log in screen.
  • The ones on timer aren't as bad. The ones with heavy attack, special attack, and being close absolutely suck. The heavy attacks and specials are a joke to try and memorize for every champ. The one being close the ai likes to wreck me most times when trying to back off. Then if you do get rooted the ai just backs off so out…
  • I've gotten psylocke, thor rags, corvis. Debating if I want to try another basic this week, or save for featured. Less garbage in featured.
  • Killmonger is a beast. If you have HT and/or void he is even better. I run 5* KM and HT in quests all the time, the amount of bleeds he gains is awesome, and occasionally adding 4* void. He's also a tank if you mess up and get hit, way tougher than my 5* massacre.
  • I've hit that path twice, but I don't really know how that is worse than the 5 sig stones. 6* shards are tougher to get for me anyway. Neither path is worth it though.
  • I used 4/40 sabertooth with Killmonger synergy, worked great. Took the path with rocket and star lord. Magik was my only real pain. Thanks for the guide Hammerbro.
  • Nova, only because when he gets unblockable and true strike with special, you're pretty much toast. Dr Voodoo made pretty quick work of both of them though. Neither one as bad as Doom was.
  • All we are getting from complaining about the calender is put down talk from upper tier players who aren't affected by it and just look for a reason to say "get better". This has affected a lot of players and if we don't voice our concerns then it just gets looked over. Let them nerf a few God tier champs and the uppers…
  • I don't complain about free stuff, I'll gladly take what I get. I just think it's a joke to decrease what I'm getting and call it an upgrade. If your happy with your calender then they obviously didn't decrease yours. Again another idiot not understanding the point I made in the beginning. :)
  • It's funny how I see so many complaining that the cavalier calender didn't get more 6* shards, but when we say anything about them taking rewards from our calender those same groups act like we are petty, at least your calender was actually upgraded, I was happy with what I was getting.
  • Once more, elitist talk missing the point. Not asking for more, just ticked for being stripped of rewards for no reason. I never said anything about needing 5*, just that when someone makes something worse, don't call it an upgrade, let's call it what it is.
  • If your uncollected or cavalier, yes. What about the conqueror players who have finished act 4? It is a huge step from act 3, and they got nothing. If the uncollected players had the same calender as the conqueror, the forums would explode. Not saying the calender even needed improving, it is just free stuff, but reducing…
  • Logging in is soo hard. Keep working on your log in skills for better rewards. You get better rewards for doing harder content, no problem with that. Taking away from players for nothing is pathetic.
  • Those of us who have finished act 4 but not uncollected yet are getting boned, taking away what 5* shards we've been getting and being lumped in with those who have only beaten act 3. So no improvement or even worse than before between act 3 and uncollected kinda sucks. Kabamed again!
  • I use him all the time, at rank 4 my 5* is amazing. He does plenty of damage and is a tank.
  • I have had this on multiple champs, really hurt in the Intel and upper even quest. I've had many fights where I couldn't get a special off at all. The AI either blocks so fast or at times I notice the champ lag between the combo special allowing the block. This is really annoying.
  • Rhino Cyclops Magik
    en 5 STAR CHAMPIONS Comentario por TBKlann marzo 2019
  • I can get into the trials, but boosts not available, they are in inventory but grayed out. What's the point of letting us make it up without allowing us to use the boosts we have specifically for this quest?
  • There are OTHER content that is useful to the rest of you.[/quote] If you read my post before speaking you'd see I already know that as I said I would spend my time in other quests. I just said that I hoped there would be mid level content. I really don't care one way or the other.
  • It's good if you're end game player, but to mid levels like me its a joke. Not worth my time or energy for another 3* crystal and the first chapter of the harder quest is insane to start. I'll focus on event and story quests. You top tiers and bottom tiers enjoy. I was hoping they would at least make a part of it to be…
  • Ok, so they obviously just left out venompool on the description. He is actually in the synergy when checking in game.
  • Yes, which would make venompool even better. Add 20% to his bleed would be nice. Spidey is in it and doesn't even cause bleed.
  • I've got a 4 and 5 star stark spidey, but can't get a glimpse of a blade, which I would love to have. Like they said, it's all luck.
  • Do away with having to beat heroic to play master already, it's kind of ridiculous.why can't we just play which one we want. I get having uncollected level, but master should be open.