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  • That is true for the Falcon arena, not for the Shang-Chi arena
  • They ramped up uncollected EQ to the point that uncollected people could not complete it, before Cav level came out, to keep the Cav players happy and not bored. Once Cav. came out, uncollected went back to a level of difficulty that was appropriate for uncollected players. They obviously do not want to bring out a…
  • When the arenas have an old 3* champ for reaching the last stage, it would be worth it for me to sell the champ I had, get the new one and save it for level up and have a use for the 3* sig stones building up. Never sold champs before, but missed out on a few level up, because I did not have the material to take up any of…
  • In your settings, on the bottom right side, there is a box you can check to turn off the dialog for content you already completed. Seems like you have to go through the dialog the first time, but should be good after that.
  • Thank you for that @"Kabam Miike" !! Other observation of note, when you go to exit a quest, the option to restart the quest rather than having to go back through menus to get back in is a massive improvement (e.g. Winter Soldier potion farming), running out of energy and having auto start up if you select small/full…
  • In AQ (Map 5) I do both. First fight mutant on left path (when symbiote or doombot, doesn't work with ultron drone things), make a horseman, then fight another mutant on outer left path. Have a horseman and Apoc with 3 charges (soon to be 4) going forward. When symbiote AQ, I bring Wolverine others I bring Red Mags.…
  • I used Omega Red for that fight. Doom for a lot of them as well.
  • Do it.... if you get good pulls from the TB daily and other TB "stuff" you will have multiple R3 over the year. If you wait for the perfect/better champ, you may miss out on "stuff". Also, if you do it after the beginning of the month (happened to me) you have to wait until the next month for the TB calendar.
  • It sucked, but I got through it eventually. Tried 3 different times. 3d time was when I brought Aegon and was able to beat him. The part that mostly sucked for me was when the challenges popped up under my right thumb and I missed what I was supposed to do..... I won't mention the dropped inputs, etc since that is just…
  • Very high probability on all being the same, unfortunately. Needed mutant iso so popped 5 4* dual crystals, yep all skill. Popped 5 more only 2 Mutant.
  • I'm okay with alliance milestones staying all premium shards, or changing things to have participation milestones (similar to gifting alliance rewards) to have access to better crystal shards once you are uncollected/Ca/TB. For arena I would be good with replacing all the PHC shards with the shards from the Sunday Arenas.…
  • If you spend occasionally, or all the time, you also get access to Cavalier crystals in certain deals as Uncollected. Don't bother buying GMC offers or using units to purchase GMC, they are horrible.
  • All they really need to do is replace PHC shards with GMC shards in the arenas milestones for those cavalier and above (maybe alternate PHC crytals and GMC crystal in the 5* arena) and I think things would be better for both f2p and p2p player who are not beginners.
  • I can now connect through cellular data (was not able to before) but still can not connect through wifi
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 In game name tfdrp I was able to get into the game 3-4 times yesterday, and 1 time today. I sit looking at this screen every other time I try to get into the game
  • Quick Scan.... didn't see this asked. Will there be an Arena giving out 2* crystals again to get the characters needed?