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  • Yeah I agree with the op... 6* take too long for my first 3 to be ST Rhino Magneto..... im not a spender anymore , but pulls like that are not inspiring me to stay in the game , or ever get excited enough to spend. Please Buff and add some numbers to their health & attack pool like you do for all these new champs; or i…
  • None of the above ..... just give rewards based on whatever highest rank your alliance achieved during weeks 6-9 ..... its no alliances’ fault that other allys could or could NOT participate. So , just be fair and give every ally whatever highest level they climbed up to before pulling the plug.
  • Unfortunately SiM is not on this list , he should be waaay better than all the other ironman family
  • I laugh when people say it didnt cost units ..... how many did you blow poppin crystals to get all the right champs and build em up over the years. Anyone completing that content and says they never spend on the game is just kidding themselves .
  • just sell your champs , then there is no lag problem ...... im down to about 20 champs and its the best thing i ever did . now i dont feel compelled to grind anymore ; and all the new champs from here on are junk that nobody really cares about anyway . the game is all but dead.
  • so 6*s will have a regen auto effect built into their challenger rating ? thats just dumb
  • they are sucking everyone dry before they turn off the switch ....... ss the champs you luv and take away fond memories of the friendships made that will fade into the past , just like this game ....
  • as one of the many that recently stopped playing at all ..... this list of fixes does not inspire me to play or spend anytime soon .....
  • just logged in and saw this idiotic deal ........ almost as bad as giving no notice for a 5* class of choice deal . i'll just keep logging in twice a day to get my free heals ; after 4 or 5 days i have enuf to fight my next battle ..... 1 fight per week and i'll clear 5.3 for free with no grind time. Lol!! semi-retirement…
  • the defender rating should be the points awarded for that category; there's usually several thousand difference there. It would create variance from the getgo , and make some thought go into placing top profile champs as defenders or using them to attack .
  • anybody that says they did 5.3 not using potions is an absolute liar .... yeah im sayin it . Sorry , but 1 slip up and 4/55 5* are dead by 1 combo . 5.3 is lazy programming ; high health or high attack is fine , but not both on every opponent to the rediculous level they did.
  • so op wants to NOT explore herioc monthlys , but have quests that u can only bring lower star champs ....... why not just make herioc monthly only playable with 2&3*s .... that would put a twist on Lengend run times. im agreeing with the op , just combining the thoughts here .
  • take it off and u cant evade projectile sp's very well , if at all.....
  • with all the efforts to diversify the game , it hasnt succeeded . Now instead of BlockPro teams , its all MD and Mystics everywhere on the AW board . Not very diverse (or fun) when everyone has to learn the same fight style to beat the same boring champs with same pain in the butt MD. Pretty bad when u dont even see the…
  • Dexterity proc'ing a powergain for MD is garbage ..... start a Hood on an sp2 in AW , he shoots 5 whatevers across the screen at u , dexterity automatically kicks in OR u take the hits and die ..... if dex kicks in, he goes red and u die ..... its a garbage interaction between abilities that simply shouldnt exist
  • i went with Kamala, that Bugs Bunny blow up cartoon fist is just too hard to evade !!