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  • I think Man Thing has more reliable uses than OG SW. She is fun to play but she requires investment in her signature ability and even then there is the random element to her.
  • I don’t know that either Black Cat or Zemo need to be awakened but Black Cat is so great for BGs and Zemo looks so good. I really want Zemo but I don’t think he needs his sig. Do you have an awakened Nick Fury?
  • Think they changed some. Isn’t the Surfer buff immunity new?
    dans OG Hulk synergies Commentaire de MaxtheSilent 20 mars
  • I just want to say thank you for acknowledging these issues and for committing to fix them. It becomes easier for me to deal with the suboptimal experience when you’ve acknowledged the issues, agreed they need to be addressed and committed to doing so . Thank you and please prioritize finding solutions to BG because I…
  • Make sure to watch some videos and really study the fight. Good luck!
  • You want to do two things: refine your form and build morph charges. You refine the form by refreshing it with a special attack (sp1-uru sp-2 magma). You get morph charges by refining the form with time left on the timer and from armor breaks. You can pause the form timer by triggering one of your immunities or by light…
    dans Absorbing man Commentaire de MaxtheSilent 16 mars
  • My Wiccan is unawakened, and he’s still useful but I do want to awaken him. I was going to use the side quest AG on him if I pulled mystic ( I didn’t) but I think it’s an important sig. I probably won’t take mine above rank 2 without it personally
  • I’m surprised by this poll. Wiccan is packed full of tons of utility and makes some tricky defenders a breeze. And while I prefer Rintrah to him he does have the neutralize effect that has become so useful lately. I also love having a mystic who is immune to reverse controls and being armor break immune is useful a lot…
  • Changes since what was last previewed?
  • That’s a lot more thorns than I would’ve thought
  • How is he on offense? I don’t have him but he looks cool. I’ve wanted him from the featured recently but don’t have him yet.
  • Very exciting! I can’t wait to see Sandman’s animations. There have been some sweet champs so far this year so my expectations are high for both.
  • Think they said his PI was higher than intended when the buff launched. They probably fixed it.
    dans Hulk PI Commentaire de MaxtheSilent 13 mars
  • I didn’t find the chapters too bad, pre nerf, but I struggled with GM. That’s a fight you just have to practice or at least I did. Don’t try to throw units or revives at him until you feel good about completing each challenge. Good luck, sure you’ll be done in no time
  • If he’s unawakened and in a match where his immunity doesn’t come into play or where there aren’t buffs expiring then yes depending on the AI it can be tricky to always get in the light intercept when you need it. But awakened, with iBomb OR in a more ideal match up you never have to do a light intercept. That’s a lot of…
  • I’d actually love to see Morlun and Scarlet Spider (Kaine). I think Morlun would be cosmic and Kaine as mystic. They both fit the Spiderverse theme and both could bring new mechanics and play styles that we haven’t seen in previous spider persons.
  • You obviously like Knull enough to take him to sig200 ( doubt it’s all natural dupes), so why not take him up. He is a great champ and can be both a useful attacker and defender in BG. He also seems like he might be useful in a lot of metas given all of his unique utility ( debuffs, handles armor up, resistances to bleed…
  • It’s so beautiful….
  • Is Crossbones awakened?
  • Don’t be afraid to make multiple attempts at him from the start of the quest. You kind of have to get into his rhythm and (for me at least) that didn’t happen right away. Better to practice and if you really struggle take a break than to try to muscle through it. You really can’t beat him without doing the challenges…
  • Love this!
  • Hood is very good. I have less experience with QS but I know you can’t go wrong with Hood.
    dans ?Next r4??? Commentaire de MaxtheSilent 2 mars
  • Using this synergy and/or focusing on fights where immunity is triggered(particularly armor break) makes light intercept rarely necessary.
  • In my opinion Nick has aged well. He has great utility, great damage, and his synergies can be really useful. He was my first rank 2 , rank 3 and rank 4. He has cleared so much content for me. He’s not my favorite champ but he’s probably done the most work for me. His damage and ability to more easily build charges in his…
  • After some more time with him and fighting against him I agree he’s not as difficult on defense as I originally thought.
  • I’ve had this experience with him. Thought I just missed the block or something. He moves so quick I assumed my timing was off or that I let up on block too early. Maybe there is something to what you’re saying.
  • On offense the big piece is the extension of his forms. Having him awakened and adding the iBomb synergy really helps to get him refined and build morph charges in fights where immunity doesn’t trigger and you can’t get off light interruption attacks. You want to refine his form and build his charges so extra time on the…
  • Give him access to slow please.
    dans Iceman Commentaire de MaxtheSilent 20 févr.
  • Some champions also have high crit rating within their kit and some even do guaranteed crits. So depending on who you’re using and watching there may be more differences than masteries and synergies. For example if you special 1 intercept with Herc you’ll get a lot of crits compared to just using him normally. Just make…
  • I have a super chill Alliance and don’t really do competitive war. In BG I haven’t gotten to use him much since I awakened him and ranked him up. Hoping he will do well on defense and I would gladly use him against Anihilus , Knull, or Hulkling on offense. But my favorite is to use him with iBomb . I love that synergy for…