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  • Yeah I went back and looked at the year of the ox post and it clearly states that gifting for red envelopes ends on 2/26 but it is stupid to layer it with the monthly gifting event. I was waiting for a buddy to finish the event so we could trade both white and red envelopes. Found out just barely I now can't gift the red…
  • I don't care what we get or even how much we get. I simply want an update as to where Kabam stands in regards to the Act 6 compensation they already announced would be part of toning down the content. Even a simple we are still looking at all of it and don't have a timeline response is better than saying nothing at all.…
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Lyra" Any kind of transparency in regards to act 6 compensation would be appreciated. Players want to plan and know what to expect and when. Any info you could give would be appreciated. IE. Time frame, items, the progression of the team discussions,…
  • I'll be excited to get him and run a full mutant team of Apocalypse, Magneto, Domino, Colossus, and Omega Red. Should be able to pretty much counter anything with this team.
  • You do not understand how this synergy works. If you don't get off an sp3, then you won't carry over any additional furies and you won't get a new persistent charge. Which means you can't stack furies high and you lose a charge every champ you kill without getting off an sp3. When you hit zero charges, you lose all your…
  • This won't work that way because you will kill defenders way before you can ever get an sp3 off to gain a persistent charge.
  • The revives are still there at random but it does seem like the rate at which they appear has been much lower over the last 2 monthly EQ's.
    dans Lvl1 revives Commentaire de PeacockJazz juillet 2020
  • I did notice that they removed the dates from the original roadmap. I guess they will just put out post 3 and post 4 whenever they want.
  • Where does it say that everything was pushed back? The Kabam post on delaying Amping up alliances only mentions moving that post back to the 29th. Was there something else I missed? I did notice that they removed the dates from the original roadmap. So I guess they will just put out post 3 and post 4 whenever they want.
  • The 3rd one was supposed to be delivered yesterday, the 29th. In the post where they pushed the second one back to the 29th, it didn't mention anything about the other posts. I was expecting to get 2 posts yesterday. I agree. I think they will still want all 4 out before the 4th of July offers go out.
  • [Removed by Mod] Some of us understand coding and when we say it is a "bug" what we mean is it is an unintended consequence to an interaction in the code of the game.
    dans AQ Timeout Commentaire de PeacockJazz mai 2020
  • Nobody has any clue if this bug affects War yet because we haven't had a war since it started. It can be speculated that it will but nobody can confirm that yet. The bug started happening yesterday evening. Based on some research in our alliance, it seems to be affecting only low health champs (like below 5% health). It…
    dans AQ Timeout Commentaire de PeacockJazz mai 2020
  • To me, the biggest problem with act 6 is the block penetration or just the amount of damage that you take when you parry and to the point you basically can't just block, especially not a 4 or 5 hit combo. Yes there are definitely a few champs that make the content much easier but so many of the hard fights would be much…
  • Our team too is struggling on map 6. We have been running all map 6 for a year now. I know that we will adjust as time goes on and it will get easier. Some of us have the roster to adjust attackers for our lines and can get through but others on the team don't have big rosters and they are using all their potions on Day 2.…
  • 89 degrees in a morbid angle. lol
  • God you people fail to comprehend what I am saying. The very first thing I said was that I was happy with the compensation, yet you just tell me I am complaining. I am simply pointing out that different affected groups ended up with more or less of certain resources since we ALL got the same compensation but the rewards…
  • I did get those rewards and didn’t participate in those wars. So they all went to my stash since I hadn’t used them and they will all expire before the next war season starts. Yeah! Again, happy I got them but it still sucks to miss out on crystal shards. I take it your alliance didn’t get un-enlisted for 3 wars in a row.
  • Sorry in advance if this was discussed, I have a hard time reading back and forth debates on this forum sometimes. I’ll start by saying that the compensation received was appreciated and handled well but everyone got all the compensation. What is being done for the teams (us included) the got un-enlisted from 3 wars and…
  • It was both :)
  • We had the same issue. AvBtl Ran 3 bg map 6 with special delivery on day 1. All groups 100% Ran 3 bg map 6 with hurt locker on day 2 but bg3 isn’t getting as many points as bg1 and bg2
  • We had the same issue. AvBtl Ran 3 bg map 6 with special delivery on day 1. All groups 100% Ran 3 bg map 6 with hurt locker on day 2 but bg3 isn’t getting as many points as bg1 and bg2
  • Does this apply to people that joined an alliance in 8 or 9 but that alliance got un-enlisted for both of those wars and they never actually got to participate in a war?
  • Just adding us to the list too. AvBtl has been un-enlisted from the last 2 wars with no bye rewards either. We have fallen from Gold 1 to Gold 2 and I am sure we will fall a lot again when the scores from this war, that we are missing, come in. I understand there is a lot to figure out on this one Kabam but as a team that…
  • Also alliance war crystals, both the win and loss ones need a buff bad. Those rewards are terrible.
  • Level 1 and level 2 health potions for anyone at level 60. You can use your entire inventory and not even add 10% health to a champion. They should either do away with these potions for players at higher levels or what I would really like to see is them be % based. so a level 1 potions gave 1% health for a champ and the…
  • Does this mean that everyone who was not affected gets an extra day of rewards while those of us that are affected still miss out on a day worth of rewards even though you add a day?
  • How many revives would it take from the EMP if I ranked up my LOL Ultron? That might be my only option.
  • To borrow the Heimdall/Angela Synergy idea, the one Champion I haven't seen anybody mention is Vision. He's not only Poison immune, but can keep Sinister powerlocked very easily, so he can never throw his special attacks. Same with Quake (who has been mentioned), because played correctly, he'll never get a special attack…
  • Me and my brother are both in West Jordan and could maybe make something work
  • To me, this is a test to see how the community reacts to an absolute counter. We all agree counter's are necessary to the balance of the game, but disagree on a 100% counter being good or not. If this an accepted practice then it may become more obvious in the future. It may even get to a point that a new champ comes out…