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  • Considering difficulty vs level Annihilus is definitely the most difficult. Doom is the final boss and is difficult, while annihilus is the second one and is still quite difficult to face IMO. Not that bad but considering that he’s the second boss I…
  • @RazorDevil all I’m saying is not everyone would want simple blanket upgrades, and would rather wait to see more in depth upgrades on a character by character basis. You’ve simply failed to even suggest that you’ve considered that. It wouldn’t be h…
  • Where’s the option for I’d rather wait for in depth reworks? Or I don’t think this is necessary? Try to let every voice be heard in a poll in the future. That said, I really do like this idea. Simple stat buffs would greatly help a lot of champs
  • (Quote) Way too complex. I can’t understand that at all... In all seriousness though, as long as you know his mutant, tech avenger and evade/auto block missions this champion is possibly one of the highest performing champs in the game.
  • What’s your favourite champ added to the game because of their lore in game? Personally it’s got to be Ægon. You didn’t skimp on that character and I love it!
  • I would love to see some new battlegrounds that others have mentioned here but I also feel like a toggle for each background would be a nice QOL addition. No more worrying about fighting. Void/night thrasher in Surtur’s lair etc
  • (Quote) Basically it can either be increased by 1)+45% or 2)by a flat +45% That’s (40+(45% of 40))%, -1- which I believe is the case in this example, or (40+45)% -2-. If it is a flat value, it is simply adds whatever amount. Otherwise, it would a…
  • What’s the OR synergy armour ups like for Colossus? They don’t appear to count towards the cap, and can’t be converted into indefinite ones. Is this correct?
  • @Ragnaroky12 thats already been answered. Try the search option. They are the same as the ones in the beta I believe, not the same as the current synergies.
  • @Liss_Bliss_ I meant for Mysterio. A flat 10% health reads to me as instantly regenerating 10% health every time reflection gas expires, which can be triggered on the sp1
  • Why the h**k don’t I see anyone talking about the Mysterio synergy? Unless I’m missing something +10% health every sp1 looks great!
  • Honestly, they’re both great options for an awakening gem, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to save it a bit longer. If does depend on who you can use better but imo ghost is the best option. Maybe wait untill your next couple of 5*, then if you don’t …
  • @Bendy id live to see one but honestly I think a shard crystal cav could easily become too op. It’d be a better idea to make grandmaster shards much more widely available imo
  • They’re not making a conqueror calendar that anyone knows of
  • It’s a satisfying err- sound effect- while you’re beating up Nazis
  • Ebony Maw- when fighting science champions falter effects last 1s linger and continue to be applied throughout the fight
  • I’ve personally found that the mobile site for the forums can be a bit glitchy recently but nothing major, or like that. Its more not registering button uses or seeing what I’m typing correctly for me.
  • @WhiteStriker luckage?
  • @gr81 Corvus uses his Glaive, so he may not be a good option. That said, the Glaive immunity could come in handy with that degen!
  • (Quote) Second medium is two kicks I believe, and I’d argue that the iso belt is an item he uses to have an arm. The only real answer would be quake or unit man imo
  • Good idea for basic( if at the ~3mil mark) not at all for featured imo
    dans Let it become fair!!! Commentaire de Webby72 14 oct.
  • It’s seems pretty even spilt between Cap, Void and Quake honestly. I know I’m not skilled enough to use quake properly, and I haven’t had the opportunity to use cap at a high enough level to properly judge on them, but from what I have seen there ar…
  • @IronGladiator22 the thing is, iirc marvel has made comics of Star Wars, and they are both owned by Disney, so I guess Darth Vader could appear in mcoc...
  • Honestly, I feel like that’s a bad idea. Maybe for money offers that are cav only, I could see that happening, but imo the same money for different offers based on progression (uncollected vs regular daily offers or the 4th July offers for example) …
  • With the Emma first synergy she can be fun to use, but just lacking that wow factor that I look for in a good champion personally
  • Typo in the title
  • (Quote) At least you can see more than their toenails with them onscreen...
  • That’s interesting, I’ve also experienced a bug with omega, fighting a bleed node groot in map 3, he only placed 10 death spores on te opponent, even though death field was active, I don’t have proof, but it seems like something is bugged if there’s…
    dans Omega broken Commentaire de Webby72 17 sept.
  • (Quote) As much as I do agree with the point you’ve made here, if a 3-5/6 star version is in the beta, the new champ can then be trialed in ALL areas of the game by endgame players, who are also more likely to understand the subtleties and nuances o…