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  • I love how people biggest concern is spending 50 on something that might be nerf’d. You realise how unlikely it is to get him on early access bundles.. 😂
  • Kabam will easily solve this problem by introducing r5 materials to war rewards. Then missing out on a few r4 materials, which are good but very high price in loyalty, will become worthless. They are already dishing out r4 materials everywhere now, they are no longer scared resource. The 6* gem is decent addition
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  • Exactly this.. I have over 4m and there is nothing to spend it on!
  • This whole thread (which you started) is based on your roster being too weak.. Good advice given to rank some champs to cover gaps and you don’t see it 😂 🤦‍♂️ no helping some people
  • I think your mistaken… AQ is currently the most boring repetitive content that exists in the game - same nodes/same champs/ same fights 5 days out of 8 🤦‍♂️. However, it over much needed resources so we must suffer it.. Arena is easy to do while watching tv and is somewhere can test champs and learn new skills - whilst…
  • I would love somewhere to actually spend the gold… rather than add more to game we should have a regular place to spend it, other than juts ranking champs. I only do feature arena milestones and never drop below 60m gold whatever I rank up. Not including over 1000 gold crytals - if they introduce an ‘open all’ button I…
  • Back up already exists… it’s called units. 30 of them gets you energy!
  • I have same problem and agree now won’t loses cats, but the overall imbalance is now ridiculous.. I have like 35 full t5cc, don’t open aq crystals now, but I have so little t4cc that it’s almost impossible to use them. I brought quite a few of the 250 unit t4cc selectors but this is no where near enough to balance
  • Bring back the gates would be a start.. makes you think, use different champs and overall creates more enjoyment. I get some people see walking over content as enjoyment. But that is what variants were designed for - after v1 (when they again decided it was too hard for average players)
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  • Act 6 was hard.. but was some of the best content they ever produced. Much like variant 1. Story content should be a challenge and development for people.. grow your skill and roster and the. Compete it when you can. honestly where is the fun in completing it within a day or two - making content this easy (such as Act 7)…
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  • I never had spare cash at spring cleaning.. I have some now so please can you give me the offers to purchase now? No!!! And quite right.
  • The real solution would of been to never re open the deal full stop.. People made their choice at the time and should stick buy it. I did 100% act 7 in week one and brought the offer as soon as saw it - with grinded units - cause I wanted it and could see the value. If everyone could use hind sight and know what was coming…
  • I also don’t buy offers and grind out units content. I spent 10k grinder units on 7.4 offer and have 2 carina AOL paths left. Currently I have 2 r4 and 4.5 t3a, 2.75 t6b… so clearing carina gives me plenty spare to get the title. So agree it is possible if choose how to spend your earned units.
  • Personally everyone seems to overlook the fact that not many fights in war are even that hard if you have the right counter and boost right. Even at top end a huge % of players only take path fights 4/5 fights.. you should not be needing to use massive amounts of pots if fight correct, use grey boosts right. Yes if make…
  • All of what you say in true about rewards… until they give us gifting!!! This then makes these whole 6 paragraphs obsolete - they can enable more rewards if they wanted, difference is they want to lock them behind ££/$$
  • 😂 I also said this. Personally, we need more Act 6 style content that provide a challenge, requires roster progression and takes more than 2 days to complete. Act 7 has been a walk through. Can be down without even thinking!
  • 😂 seems you don’t understand how progressive games work. Nothing to do with time. But if you did not even have a single r3 champs to do end game content then are you expecting 7.4 to enable you to skip levels.. Most of us has 30+ r3 before we got a r4 champ
  • If you were not TB 6 months ago.. why on earth would you think u should be getting a r4 so soon after a r3 😂 Christ what day are some people on
  • Any content is needed. Been so long since we had something to do in game
  • I have TB account and don’t see this as a Great offer (unless you are frequent spender) it did not make me buy it. Shards are ok, but with such a big champ pool your 98% getting rubbish. T2a is already massively available in game - can’t even use what have. T5b - would be very useful, but 3 is not enough. 6* stones are ok.…
  • I don’t see 5 days of aq as the issue.. the bigger problem is how stale the content is. Map 8 is ridiculous - none of it is hard, but yet the fights are long and boring. The AI has been overturned to be mega defensive so fights take an age. All this would be ok if anything was different but it is the same every cycle. No…
  • Better spend efforts improving glory store
  • That’s is the most logical solution.. allow selling of t2a. We have now reached a point in the game where it is no longer ‘a high value item’, so should be able to sell it. This should 100% be an option in the sigil.
  • I have to disagree with some of this and my main issue comes back to a lack of available t5b across all content - this is compared to both t2a and even 5tcc now. There is just no way to acquire more from any live regular content (which I have done all of). Put into perspective that I have not brought a single shard of t2a…
  • Please enlighten me.. ad I know exactly how to manage and balance everything. But when we are getting 10 t2a to 1 t5b (if not 12 -1) then it’s not possible. This is before we get into the 13 t5cc I have unused.
  • I made thread about this back in October.. it is now beyond a joke how I can always have 40-50 t2a and no t5b. Yeah here is some good analysis on balance in here as well, but even know we still are not updating glory store to give more than 33,750 a week 🤦‍♂️…
  • You want her in the team for synergies boosts on furies and health.. makes big difference over longer fights
  • Given I did the whole thing over a year ago then no.. aegon does IW no problem.
  • Fury is a waste of time. Better to take doom for easy path as well as Sym.
  • I recognise we are playing a complete different game.. which is why origami questions was put to end game accounts. We are in a r4 world where r3 is used for content everywhere