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  • Oh for sure! I already have him duped a couple times though. Also have Morningstar, magik, Guilly, Hood, Dormammu, Dr Strange, and juggs all duped as well.
  • Haha! Nice. I wasn't gonna waste it on him, but thought I should add more than my best 3 options. Could've added Mordo, Iron Fist, and Jane Foster too...
  • Neither. Sell your iso for gold. You can always get more iso later. Save your catalysts and gold for someone better.
  • Thanks for the screen shot! I've been leaning toward ranking her up for a bit, just needed to save up some t4cc.
  • Thanks for the advice. I love wolverine (he is my favorite Marvel character) especially since I just finished the ROL with him taking out most of the opponents along the way. His regen is awesome! I haven't used X-23 much, but I like how she can sti…
  • Thanks for the feedback! I've been trying him out and love the dash back and hold to get the invisibility.
  • First time I got lucky with these types of crystals, just pulled a 3 and 4 star Morningstar with 3 other random 2 stars! Worth it to me instead of grinding in arenas. Hope others have good luck too!
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  • Thanks for the replies. I have enough t4b catalysts to rank up Voodoo to the next rank, just haven't done it yet since I'm trying to save up my t4b catalysts. Also I recently just acquired voodoo, so I haven't practiced with him enough to see if he …
  • Thanks for the comments! I think I will get a basic 5* champ, that way I will get two 5*'s by the end of the month with the monthly rewards. I should build up my roster first before going for feature champs.