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  • Yeah, you are right about Enhanced ab, didnt see it, my bad. But right back at it just grants immunity to debuffs after knock down, while sp3 is supposed to trigger armor break in the same time with damage, and that is defenitely before knock down
    in Magneto issue Kommentar von igorganni 5. Juni
  • Well, he is one of the best options agains Hyperion and Vision Aarkus due to awesome power control\spam
  • Spidey's prestige overcome 5 65 200 Dr Doom Prestige only after 120 sig lvl. It's even less then 10k for him if sig ability is less then 60, so obviously it wont be visible at all. Math stays nearly the same for Corvus.
  • Had a comment on that here https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/169532/ebony-maw-bug but there s still no response from kabam...
    in Ebony Maw Kommentar von igorganni November 2019
  • Well, his sig ability seems to be redesigned so now Degeneration stays the same, but its potency is increased with Deterioration Passives by a serious amount. I have +332.73% per Deterioration on my 5 65 66/200 Ebony, so it must by +66554.6% on 20 stacks. The only problem here is that it doesnt work properly at the moment:…
  • Awesome work KABAM, the whole missing day, last chance for uncollected rewards, AQ miss, arena T4BC miss, Sabertooth arena miss, new event delay... Are we going to miss AW place stage too? What's next?
  • Device: galaxy s6 edge Device Operating System: Android 4.2.2 Mobile Carrier: - Cellular or WiFi: Wifi Game Version Installed: 22.0.0 Location server: Russia
  • Russia, got the same. Seems to be a problem for global mass of android users
  • Got the same after android update, how am i spposed to go to AQ now?