Introducing: Contender, Proven, and Conqueror!

Greetings Summoners,

We’re adding 3 new Progression titles! Contender, Proven, and Conqueror.

Players will be able to earn these new titles as they progress from Act 2 through Act 4.

These 3 new titles will help Summoners who haven’t reached Uncollected status receive some great materials, better suited to their progression level in their 4-Hour and Daily Crystals. Also, every once in a while you may see offers that are tailored to your progression level.

For those Summoners who’d like some more detail, here’s a little backstory on the progression feature.

Early last year, we introduced the designation of “Uncollected”, a status and progression point for Players that have earned the Grandmaster’s Favor, this gave players that defeated Act 5 Chapter 2 access to level appropriate rewards which would be useful to them at this point in their progression.

This was so popular and successful that we really wanted to extend it to Summoners who haven’t yet reached Act 5 Chapter 2!

So what title will you have based on your in-game progression?
- Summoner - Enter the Battlerealm
- Contender - Complete Act 2: “Conquered” to unlock Thanos’ Favor
- Proven - Complete Act 3: "Thanos Enters" to unlock Maestro’s Favor
- Conqueror - Complete Act 4: "Culmination" to unlock Collector’s Favor
After you have hit one of the above progression points, we will notify you of your new title with a in-game message and you can reap the benefits!

Crystal Updates

With each level of progression comes updated Daily and 4-Hour Crystals! Here’s what will be included in these Crystals as you progress through the Story Mode!

Note: The Default and Uncollected Daily and 4-Hour Crystals are the ones that are currently in game, and will see no change. They are on this list for reference.


The roster of Champions available in the Daily Crystals will also grow as you progress through these Progression points.

The Contender Daily Crystals contain all 3-Star Champions released up until the end of 2015.
The Proven Daily Crystals contain all 3-Star Champions released up until the end of 2016
The Conqueror Crystal contains all 3-Star Champions released up until the end of 2017.
As a reminder, the Uncollected Daily Crystal contains all Champions in the 4-Star Champion Crystal Pool.


Remember, these are brand new crystals! The ones that are currently in your inventory will not change to these new Crystals.

Note: The 2-Star Champions available in these Crystals are the same that are available in the Premium Hero Crystal. Punisher and Unstoppable Colossus are not available in these Crystals.

Premium Hero Crystals Now Cost Less!

As an added bonus, as you progress further and further in the Story Quests and earn a more prestigious title, the cost of a Premium Hero Crystal will decrease by 10 Units for every designation.

The new pricing will be:

- Contender: 90 Units
- Proven: 80 Units
- Conqueror: 70 Units
- Uncollected: 60 Units

There will be no changes to Featured Hero Crystals, Grandmaster Crystals, or Featured Grandmaster Crystals at this time.

When does this all start?

This new Campaign Progression system will come into play in the weeks following our 21.0 release next week.

If you have reached one of these levels of progression and are not yet Uncollected, over the weeks following the 21.0 release you will automatically receive your new titles!

It won’t happen right at the release of 21.0, it’s a bit of a data process to ensure that we give all our players the titles they have earned. We also won’t be turning on the new Crystals until we are sure that we have delivered the messages to all of the Summoners that are awaiting them. Uncollected Summoners will receive all of the previous titles, but this will have no effect on the Uncollected Daily or 4-Hour Crystals. Also worth pointing out again is that these upgrades are new Crystals, so any stockpiles of Daily or 4-Hour Crystals will not be retroactively updated.

There may be a short period of time where a Summoner can reach a new progression level and receive the new Title before others have received theirs, but will not receive the new Crystals until they have been activated for all Summoners shortly after the titles are issued.

Questions? Ask them over in our Discussion Thread!
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