Red Rift Intel Issue and Compensation

Hello Summoners,

A few issues emerged this morning related to the Red Rift event quests. For a brief time, Intel was missing, allowing free Rift Detector purchasing. After this was resolved Intel was briefly hidden and therefore did not appear in rewards from Red Rooms. This resulted in players either not receiving Intel rewards or being able to purchase Rift Detectors freely. Also, players who updated to 27.1 before the initial Intel issue was resolved may have had their Intel balance reset to 0.

These issues were not intended and were resolved shortly after they were discovered. We apologize for these issues and plan to award all players with 10,000 Intel and 1 Energy Refill. Purchase limits in the Intel Store are still in effect so those who unintentionally received free Rift Detectors will not have an undue advantage in this event quest.

For players who purchased daily deals including Intel, we plan to provide additional compensation in the form of additional June rewards so they do not lose out on the value invested. We will share more details about this once they are available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to quickly resolve this before the quest ends on June 3.
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