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This is a marvel game. I just want to check something. Does quoting a marvel movie in general chat violate the ToS in a Marvel game? If so what are the chat rules?


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    But trying to say people’s names, like some actors or other famous people, does indeed get ***** blocked out sometimes. Maybe that's what you’ve encountered.
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 133
    A friend of mine got banned for quoting a marvel movie. No swears. Is this a bannable offense? I know what he showed me he said and what he actually said might differ, but it does bring up a question of what's ok to say.
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    Actually the forum rule is just on top section of the forum

    It is very difficult to judge “a friend’s case” without knowing the origin and details, but I’m doubtful as there is a separate post here talking about favourite mavel quotes. I also post a quote too. I think there are over 20 forum members did so and they are still pretty active in forum now.
  • It shouldn't be a reason for a ban, however, the ingame chat filter has a lot of words that can cause the asterisks to show, even if they aren't considered bad. So it could have been a harmless phrase, but there could have been words that triggered the sensor. I know there was or is a time when "but" would be sensored. I think the word hack is sensored too even though it is in incursions
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 133
    The quote was a popular one used by Korg about a recent situation. Not sure if that matters.
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    OneMast3r said:

    The quote was a popular one used by Korg about a recent situation. Not sure if that matters.

    Piss off Ghost?
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    Oh, well you didn’t say it was a dialog quote from a movie.
    Thought you meant the TITLE of a Movie (which some Titles or Proper Names sometimes censored out, but shouldn’t be a ban).

    If you’re saying swear words (or other words that could be meant to be insulting or disparaging to others) in chat, even if they were said in movie itself, that is a different matter. That could be seen as saying that phrase to another person up there.
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 133
    No swears, just a movie quote. But it's the one the YouTubers were saying. Someone reported him for it. What tos does it violate I can't find it?
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    If I was to guess, he was using that Korg quote in relation to current events, yes? That could be seen as taking those events that I will not mention specifically in jest or mocking them, which could in turn offend others, which could be seen as a violation of ToS.

    Reading between the lines here.
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    Ya it's just so iffy when I read the rules. A whole week ban for that? Seems a lot. For all anyone knows he quoted a movie. Even if he tells me that is all he was doing I know he shouldn't if said it in global. Just seems like a big penalty for not actualy breaking a rule
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