Update: Gameplay Concerns Affecting Parry and Dexterity

Greetings Summoners,

We wanted to update you on the issues that players have been encountering since the release of 32.0.

First, we want to thank you all for your patience and understanding. We know that this has caused trouble for our players, and that is never something that we want.

We’re happy to announce an update (v32.1.1) is coming later today (tomorrow at the latest)! This update will start to make controls more reliable once again.

v32.1.1 will not 100% resolve the issue, but should improve upon where we are now. We are not done working on this, but want to get an update that improves gameplay out to you all sooner rather than later.

If you’d like a little more insight into the situation, you can read on below!

As we mentioned earlier, we believe that a recent update to our game engine is the cause of the problems that players are experiencing. We think that we have been able to identify what caused this issue and are working with our partners to understand those changes right now.

Making those improvements will be a lengthy process where we will be overhauling a large part of the game to work with this engine update.

Our goal with this update and larger overhaul is to make the controls reliable within the game again. This means that you should be able to reliably Parry, Dexterity, Evade, and commit actions in a way that players can count on again. We will continue to make adjustments to ensure these controls respond properly and feel good again.

Our 2 Major Goals with this update and going forward are:
- Reduce the input lag on our systems to create a more responsive game.
- To create new systems that will be robust and produce a reliable input response.

Now, for a topic that has come up many times, compensation for this issue. We understand that the issue has caused delays in new content, and may have put Summoners in a place where they would have used resources they otherwise would not have.

Over the last month, we’ve addressed issues in Alliance Quests with Potions/Revives, Glory and Map Crystals, and some smaller Compensation Packages for Single Player content. We will be ending the smaller compensation packages now and plan to give Summoners a package of items and resources to address the delay in AW Seasons (this will not be based on previous AW Season standings), spent resources, as well as some gifts as a thank you for sticking with us while we worked to address this problem. These packages will be based on your Campaign Progression level.

As mentioned above, additional adjustments will continue to be made over time, but we’re choosing to forego our usual rule of “wait until everything is fully resolved”, and will be working on getting this out to Summoners by the end of the Month.

After v32.1.1 has been released, we will be resuming Alliance Wars Seasons on August 18th and the first week of Qualifiers for Summoner Showdown on August 16th. Alliance Quests will remain free for the time being, but there won’t be any more Weekly AQ Compensation packages.

So, to recap all of this:
We have an update releasing today or tomorrow that will begin to address the issues we’ve recently been experiencing.
  • Future versions will continue to improve on these issues.
  • Alliance Wars Season 28 will resume on August 18th.
  • Alliance Quests will remain free for the time being.
  • Summoner Showdown will commence on August 16th.
  • Expect a Compensation Package heading your way before the end of the Month.

Once again, thank you all for your patience, and look forward to more information as we progress.
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