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AQ Map 8 Global Buff Changes

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We mentioned a little while ago that we will be changing how Global Nodes work within AQ Map 8, which is why Global Nodes on AQ Map 8 will now become Persistent. This means that they cannot be removed by landing on or defeating the node, which holds the Global buff. This change is being implemented as a result of outdated tech that may cause accidental removal of a Player’s beneficial Themed buffs from the map, if they reach the final node. This also means that you can no longer take down one of the Final Bosses to make the remaining fights on the map slightly easier.

Change Details:
Both Final Boss Global Nodes will be consolidated onto the Final node after them. The nodes being swapped are: 25% Iso-Infused, 25% Health, and Warning.
The final node after the boss will now hold all the consolidated Globals above but will have a different tuning as follows: 50% Iso-Infused, 50% Health, and Warning. There will also still be the Player beneficial Themed Buffs present on the same node.

The above changes will be live on February 24, 2022.
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