7.4 Exploration Bundle Clarification - Name, Discount and Availability.

Hey everybody,

We've seen some confusion surrounding the Act 7.4 Exploration Bundle that is available after completion of Act 7 Chapter 4.

The name "Exploration Bundle" is something we've used for all bundles available upon completion of a new Chapter since Act 6. Our intent here was that the Bundle is to help you Explore the content, not that it was intended to be available after exploration. The bundle is intended to be available to you after you complete Act 7 Chapter 4. There is no Bundle for those that Explore the Chapter, and the Bundle will not be available again after you explore the Chapter.

Additionally, the bundle is currently available at a Discounted Rate of 10,000 Units. This Discount is for all Summoners who complete the content in the first month. This was supposed to be included in an in-game message, but I think it was missed out. We're working to get one out when possible.

After the first month (on April 23rd), it will revert to the regular prices for these Bundles, which is 12,000 Units. The offers are only available for 24 hours, as usual.

We hope this clears up any confusion!
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