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Changes to AW Tactics - S48 - Effective Today

Hello Summoners!

We have been monitoring feedback regarding the way this season’s tactics interact with specific map nodes. The game team has come together to discuss ways to alleviate difficulties and frustrations in AW and have plans for adjustments to be implemented immediately.

The following pain points have been deemed to be most impactful:

  • Unblockable (Path 1, 4, 7B)
  • One eye open (9b node 2 and the Mini Boss)
  • Stun immune/shrug/reflection (Path 5, maso/conflictor, and node 49).

With these pain points in mind, we decided to make the following changes, with the intention of making the tactic feel more fair and interactable in certain places:

  • Miss will no longer trigger an Indestructible charge for tactic attackers.
  • Indestructible timers are now tuned per map. (15s Challenger, 10s Expert, 5s Elite).
  • More champions are receiving the X-Magica tag to alleviate the need for overly-specific counters. These champs will now be included as a part of the pool for Saga Boosts and Items.
    • Man-Thing for Bleed Immunity, Armor Break immunity, and Poison Debuffs.
    • Sunspot for Incinerate Debuffs.
    • White Tiger for reducing Unblockable ability accuracy.
    • Dust for her Immunities, and gaining a Steadfast effect.
  • Tactic attackers using a Light Attack into the Opponent’s block will now receive Prowess and remove an Indestructible. 
  • Each prowess now reduces Purify Ability Accuracy by 34%
  • The Tactic prowess icons will be changed so they don’t stack with a character's natural prowess.

We will continue to work towards making Alliance War a fun and challenging mode for players of all different levels; it’s clear that the current version of this tactic did not achieve this goal. We intend for these tuning changes to be in by Wednesday, in time for the next war, but the in-game description may take a couple more days to be implemented.

Thank you for your patience.

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