Still not recived the season 11 rewards

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Many people had posted a discussion on not getting a rewards of season 11 then kabam said that they will look into it. We will solve thos issue and closed the discussion, but still have not recived the rewards
Now i also have change my alliance
When we will get our rewards??


  • Now season 12 has also ended , hopefully i might get that reward.
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    If you didn’t get season 11 you didn’t qualify or left your alliance before claiming them,s12 won’t be out for a couple hours
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    Dont leave your alliance before you get your rewards, if you leave your alliance before you forfeit those rewards. Also, did you meet the minimum requirements of participating in at least 5 wars?
  • Nope i left my alliance about 15 days ago season war ended long before that. And there also was a discussion on about not getting rewards
    They should have sent those rewards after closing out that discussion in week.
  • PufffPufffPufffPufff Posts: 46
    15days ago? That means if you joined your new alliance immediately and partook in all subsequent wars you may JUST have enough wars to qualify for S12 rewards (hoping you get them)

    As for S11 rewards, you not going to accomplish anything on the forums'll have to log it in game with Kabam support so they can supply you with a ticket and take it from there...
  • Okay man i will have look into it and how its done
    Thanks man
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    btw u also need to participate in at least 5 wars to be eligible for rewards
  • I was in the alliance for 2 years
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    Like someone said before, you have to submit a ticket. This is not an issue that will be handled on the forums.
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    i restarted the game and rewards came in
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