What happened?

Ok I have a rank 3 (four star) captain marvel and I have one tier 3 cosmic catalyst (and I need one more.) So I closed the app and came back a hour later and the catalyst was gone. Did this happen to anyone else?


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    Your best option is to open a Support Ticket. Try logging back on first.
  • Hey Cryomacer, I'm really sorry to hear of this! If this Catalyst hasn't returned after a couple of restarts, the best thing to do is as GroundedWisdom said, open a support ticket with as much info as you can provide (Exactly as you've done here), such as what's missing, when you last saw it. They'll be able to track it for you!

    As the best answer has already been provided, I'll be closing this particular thread, but I wish you the best in having it found!
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