Rank up advice needed!

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I'm in need of some rank up advice, I'm about to go for the collector and I know Sparky is a great asset in that fight. However, I'm unsure whether I should or should not keep pumping my resources into 4*.

All answers are appreciated! XOXO

Rank up advice needed! 9 votes

Sparky 4* 4/40 sig 50
rahul9582084064EtjamaThicco_ModeCaptainRogers33 4 votes
Sentinel 5* 2/35 (unawakened)
MrTicTac19992008FhfjghhggggjfhfjgLufaso 3 votes
Wait for other 5*'s.
The_WatcherE_N_D__G_A_M_E 2 votes


  • Wait for other 5*'s.
    tbh, i would say to wait for another better 5 star character, depending on how badly you want to defeat him. if you want to get it over and done with, then go for sparky. i am only on 5.1.2, and i use all my resources and god tier 4 stars
  • Sparky 4* 4/40 sig 50
    Sparky pls
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