Looking for an alliance, help, advice

Hey guys looking for an alliance to join. Sorry if I've posted this wrong this is my first post on the forum. I was in an alliance from the beginning but we never progressed or communicated so I was struggling to improve on that front. Anyways this is my team and thanks for reading.


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    NeofrackNeofrack Posts: 41
    Hey dude, We are looking for active members that uses discord. Our Alliance focused on Alliance Quest map 4 and lower (Can be higher, depends on the members roster and skill). We do 1 bg of Alliance War but its optional (Could become 2 bg if there's many member that wants participation). We welcome begginer, Intermediate, or veteran player. No donation, No Summoner Advancement saving, No prestige requirement. The only Requirement is to have Discord app for communication.

    Hop in into our server if you are interested : https://discordapp.com/invite/KQqEKXG

    Bonus : Dont worry about communication, if you need help or advice, someone will be there to answer you, mostly me cause i have a lot of free time haha
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    Lloyd80Lloyd80 Posts: 36
    I sent you a friend request my tag is cheflloyd
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