Map 5 AQ Corvus Bleeding Out

xXEpicMercenaryXxxXEpicMercenaryXx Posts: 48
edited October 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Corvus is taking bleed damage in map 5 with glaive charges active. I have video but can’t seem to upload here. I found very old posts but appears there is still no fix. Notice glaive active and still ticking 175 damage. He is on the second tier of Map 5 left outside bleed path. Now I’m out revives and potions and this seems to be an issue that has been around based on posts on reddit. Couldn’t find much here or on the known issues

iPhone 8 Plus
iOS 12.4.1
Cellular and WiFi
Alliance Quest Map 5
Game version 24.3.1


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