Not exactly retirement but no stress alliance- 5x5 and war

We are an alliance of experienced players who are tired of the grind of trying to be competitive. We're looking for similar players who want to still get some kind of rewards without the hassle of having to check in for map 6 like it's a job. We've just shifted from being competitive.

No event requirements, 5x5 AQ and war. Off season 1-2 bg wars that you don't have to participate in if you don't want to but shards are still nice if you want them. During war season it will be required to participate but we're not "pushing" for anything. We just say play snart and we land where we land but hope to stay in gold 1.

The alliance is open so just join if you want to, but you must have Line and reach out to us within 24 hours of joining.

Alliance name is The Big Duck Club, tag Big'D

For more details follow the link to chat with us:
Line ID: Zeylif228


  • zeylifzeylif Posts: 146
    Still have some spots for anyone out there in limbo
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