Prestige 7500, Map 6x5 Top 250 Aq experienced player searching

Greetings. I'm an active player with Map 6x5 Experience, Top 250 Aq. I don't talk much and like to mind my own business. I pretty much majorly communicate when tagging or responding to a tag on Line. I'm looking for an organized, fun alliance. Preferably Aq focused with some Map 6.


  • dfresh81dfresh81 Posts: 49
    Hit me on line dfresh81 or in game love to talk
  • HopeasilmuHopeasilmu Posts: 174
    Ey buddy, we do 66555 in 1 BG and the rest 5x5. Donations 97k 3k and 7k. AW is only 1 BG and optional without item use. AQ is prio one. We also just ditched Line as we started using Discord as the main comm app for our alliance, hence a lack of full 30/30 alliance. Add me in game - Kinksutin - or in Discord - Kinksutin#9868
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