Gold Realm... Coming soon !?!?

Hi All...
With many of the changes and recent announcements for the prospective future changes that will be taking place, I think many of us would welcome back a few rounds of the gold realm. It can be assumed that in preparation for these changes, many of us will have to upgrade our champs in order to keep pace. Meaning, one of the many things we will need to do is to store up on gold in order in enjoy the changes being made :) Based on my experiences so far, I can assume 6*s, once available, will be a pretty "in game" penny to upgrade. Many of us are now focusing on upgrading 5*s as 4*s will be less valuable once 6*s are here... and upgrading 5*s is also quite $$$$ costly. So a nice thing, and business appropriate recommendation is to bring back would be the gold realm. This should be opened again soon, and ran more frequently, to allow members the opportunity to build that gold base. Trust me... no one spends on gold crystals - and the new uncollected arena crystals, will not be sufficient for the upgrades needed. I take advantage of all the currency events, and blow through it very quickly. Upgrading is fun and is a goal for all of us that play! And in order to upgrade we need gold. Grinding becomes boring and boring is not good for a game. So lets run another Gold Realm and keep things rolling!

I am sure many of us are in need of this!


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    DefJ123DefJ123 Posts: 54
    Gold realm would be amazing. My stash of gold from the last run has all but disappeared and haven't had time to grind arena much for more gold. Ah well. Here's hoping!
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